W A S D (Keys) & Zoom Movement not working in SDK Dev Camera mode post Beta to public SU7 hotfix

Hi Team, hopefully its a quick one and something just toggled off when i came out of beta version to the full version (Yes… it made me reinstall 150GB worth of the sim cause exiting the preview is a mess.)

Now that I am up and running again, I am having an issue where in developer camera, W A S D and Mouse scroll are no longer recognized as movements even though i can clearly see them in my Keyboard and mouse settings as being correct.

Absolutely no issue pre update, but post, i now have this issue and can no longer build scenery as i cannot move around the environment.

Appreciate your thoughts and help on this team. thank you !

Same topic different keybindings.

The X-box controller I use for moving the developer camera around in the SDK scenery editor has lost the Translation movement i.e. forward/backward/left/right. The Yaw and Pitch controls are still functional.

Anyone have a fix because scenery editing isn’t possible at all without camera translation.

Great way to stop 3rd party scenery development !!


Enter developer camera setting and set translation and rotation to a positive value



Thank you just found that myself :slight_smile:

The update had changed the setting to -100% … really dumb