Waco CG-4A Famous Flyer 9

It’s fun to fly the Waco CG-4A!
But while starting the glider it’s not easy to handle the lever to release the gear cradle, dropping the landing gear after takeoff.
I’ve not found a Control Name in the Control Menu Option for controlling this function by a keyboard or my Xbox-Cotroller .
My question is, whether such a command ist existing and what is its name.

Edit: The Toggle landing gear command works well, but I can’t notice any movement of the lever in the cockpit.

Same issue, the handle only moves when actioned by the mouse. The keyboard/joystick binding works but don’t move the lever. If you wish you can create a bug report for that, using the provided template.

It must be a ‘B’ event, which control animations. If the Simconnect command doesn’t trigger that event, the animation won’t happen.

I saw that a lot when programming switches in SPAD. For example, the landing light would come on, but the switch wouldn’t move.

SPAD has access to ‘B’ events now, which changed everything.