Waco NAV-question

Hi all, I love the Waco YMF-5 add-on, great flying, attention to detail. One thing I can’t figure out, where does the secundary NAV dial tie into? It does not have an ADF radio as far as I can see, and does not work with the NAV 1 or 2

NAV Waco

Yes, I was wondering that, but there are several things that need to be sorted out like some of the Garmin options do not work. Also you can pull serious Gs without any sign of red/black outs. I’m glad that Carenado didn’t give this plane a glass cockpit. That would really have defeated the object. But overall it’s a brilliant plane that looks identical to the Boeing Super Stearman.

Actually, my mistake. The direction indicator (bottom dial) works well on Nav 2. VFR uses this best for following distant VORs and handy logging in to a fixed airport VOR. The top dial (NAV1) is best for dialling in to an ILS and gives you GS, and both will give you distance to/from VORs on the Garmin

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OK, many thanks, must have made a mistake on the NAV 2 then. Cheers!

How does the main nav dial work? Can’t really figure out how the heading works.

Really too much to explain. Read this :smiley:

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Yeah, this sadly reflects the main omission of msfs 2020, the lack of tutorials and training which were a fantastic feature in earlier editions to learn the basics of flying

There’s two main disciplines in flight: The technical autopilot way and the seat-of-the-pants way. A few airline pilots love to fly the old planes because they keep them busy and could be of great use if there airliner gets into trouble.
There is a YMF5 model which has a glass cockpit and autopilot. That is really silly. Maybe peeps who buy them just want the admiration of owning such a machine but too lazy to learn how to really fly them :roll_eyes:

The YMF5 has everything you need to navigate you just have to point it in the right direction. Learning how to do coordinated turns is good practise.

With the prevalence of NDB’s here in the UK, an ADF would have been a useful addition as I found out today, trying a flight from West Sussex to Cornwall in marginal VFR. However it made it interesting trying to find other ways around it.