"Waiting 4 helicopters" screenshots

Hype, Thanks

VIDEO → Hype Heli in Madrid :helicopter: :100: :helicopter:!

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Oh, I can feel the primitive gods presence!:
Ouch, maybe not the right livery for the event?

La Réunion :


This one is from my child hood home but bing has it set as a warehouse

George R. Brown Convention Center

Galveston TX

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Helis in Monaco city!
A great Posh xperience!

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This time it was a bit more challenging , lets say…

Share some nice spots to land for helis, please!

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And we need helipads at airports, buildings, ground where we can set up on, and land on. How many building helipads have I just floated through trying to land on an LA, Tokyo, Nagoya building?
Active = one can set up on it.
Activate = I use MSFS Add-ons Linker to only use scenery I need, and not clog up the sim’s load time.
Active helipads in fictional Jurassic Park scenery (Kaua’i)

All those tempting helipads in Nagoya and Tokyo and you just float through.

An update put helipads on some of the Santa Barbara Oil Rig scenery, but they are not active.

Lucky moment. Found a solid roof at the Tokyo NHK center, and I was flying an NHK livery. Not an active helipad.

This superb, handcrafted lightstation off the SE UK coast. Active as well.

DTLA scenery add-on buildings are solid rooftops, but not active. There is a photogrammetry helo on City Hall East’s helipad… grrrrr.

Active helipads in Tokyo Bay, when activated

Active Helipad in Leeds when activated - you need to add the hospital building separately at press time.

Gorgeous Niigata scenery. Hard rooftops, but not active helipads.

Hospital in Minden. Active when activated

Paris Heliport. Active helipads when activated.

Sunset from the “Nakatomi” building. Hard surface, but not active.

MASH set in Malibu. Active, but no separation from GA planes.

Cheers to those freeware designers doing their best to make it possible. Still wondering why ORBX did not put one active helipad at Van Nuys and Burbank, though they have all the helipads included. I’d like to start a flight in those areas, but cannot.
Also, Cheers to the great livery makers.


I see you have both Devil’s Tower’s sceneries on. I have to remember to turn one off.

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that was a great video…

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thanks for your many and wellcome locations, there are some great ideas… i will sure go to several ones soon, like tokyo, etc etc

Yep , of course wee need them to be activated to start our flights from there!

I also have been on several lighthouses very far away from nearest airport…this should be solved in 2022 or sooner.

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Bora Bora landscape from the R22 (powered by the Rotor Sim Pilot team)

You can watch the full repot here:
Bora Bora R22 Intro

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Just some impressions…


Jurassic Park fun: the Maui rock (file on flightsim.to) and valley used as the “entrance” (it’s actually a dead end (Hollywood, huh?).

Then Rotorsimpilot made up a scenery with a helipad AND animated (though stationary) dinos. Turns out they are all over Kaua’i. The scenery and several liveries are at flightsim.to and work, though they might no have the green “compatible” bar.

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wow really awesome captures, mate! What graphic card and resolution do you use?
You gave me some ideas for my next trips :P.Thanks!

wow gonna search for it, looks great and fun! lol

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NYC will be awesome with helipads when official helis come!

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Hi, thanks, I have a NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super, Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F Gaming, Intel i7-10700, 32GB RAM and W11 Pro, and a 1TB SSD, which works really well for me.
For a nice challenge I can recommend landing on the deck of the lightship, as the lightship moves with the waves. :grinning:


NYC is already awesome with heli’s, though i do get what you’re saying. :grinning:


Mont Blanc - France - 15677ft

I know what you mean by official helipads. Ones where we can set up a flight. Ones which have lighting at night. Ones where we can land on moving or stationary ships… so tempting now, but I just float through - waaaaaa!