Waiting 4 helicopters screenshots

The users need these beasts in the mfs2020 cities , mountains and lakes and oceans to transport and rescue our citizens.

Come on Asobo, you can make it real! Its a must , dont delay a big reality your users need.

This thread its to share your Heli screenshots,how many of you need helis?

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Eurocopter H135

In the Hight sky!


I did the Reno air race and did some sightseeing with the H135. Lots of fun!

Dang it I hit the file size limit.

Visiting oil platforms off the coast from Santa Barbara.

Oil platforms from:


That’s awesome!

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thank you for the location!
As some ufc fighter said: “send me location!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ayers Rock is a bit difficult to land because when you come closer surface is so irregular …and after landing the helicopter seems to be on the air in suspension and not on the Rock…

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We definitely need more choppers. This one is awesome, though.
Wanted to refuel at FAUF, but it was a little wet! :smile:


Very right, we need helis also on Marina Bay! , the “Great Kardashians” were on the Emporio Suite and wanted a very Deluxe Edition Handmade Ice Cream, they were so lucky that i was there with the H135

If not they would have to go downtown again, and these beloved women dont deserve that!

Enjoy the pool girls i will come back in 10 minutes…

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Buckingham Palace Courtyard… waiting for a VIP :grinning:


I may have some…

Rio :

New Zealand :

San Diego :

Taillefer, French Alps :

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stunning shots, Theduck38!

Since i bought my H135 i dont take taxis anymore to move in NYC and Now allways i am on time!
I recomend any proper businessman to buy one, worth the money.

Only a RedBull Heli could make this happen!
Entering in the Devils Tower as in my kitchen , yeah. This was posible thanks to HypeMediaTrain, lets see if Asobo get his acts together!

Megève, France :

Around the Mont Blanc :

Top and way down…

Home is there…

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Flying around Tokyo!!

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RIP Prince Philip! Duke of Edinburgh

Monument Valley

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