Waiting for the Update #5 Fix? Here's Your COUNTDOWN timer again!

And again:
To be the first in the download lane when the hotfix is available :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::
Here is Your Hotfix COUNTDOWN-TIMER:


Thanks, nice service.
I only hope that that you will not have to activate another countdown in a few days :slight_smile:

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Haha, not this again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Server meltdown, here we come!

Countdown to update hell

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Oh my god you all really have problems

Only 30 Minutes to Go!

Wonder how large it will be.

EDIT: Lol, nice plug.

Please be aware this fix will not make every single bug go away, nor will it make you more handsome, pay off your mortgage and give you better grades.

It’s a pitty: The english language does not have a translation for the german word “doch”. :slight_smile: It WILL solve all of our problems!

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Holy shhhh… this Beechcraft Baron looks AWESOME!
Is this the original flight sim 3D model with LED landing lights?
Has the flight sim Baron really LED landing lights?

Another reason for the Flight Sim 20 Deluxe Edition and I am sure lot´s of superb ultra-accurate flight physics and flight dynamics and cockpit upgrade mods are waiting for this bird.


Nur 42 und 3301 ist die Lösung aller Probleme.

Glad you mentioned that - what is a Great Photom but it is ruined by the unrealistic looking landing lights. At dusk, when it is quite dark, NO WAY would you be able to see the individual LED sources in those lights. (Maybe you might in very bright daylight)

Dead giveaway it is not a RW photo :sunglasses:

Then I don’t want it. LOL

Yes, this is just a screnshot from the game (half a year ago).

Are you sure? Then I will have to ask for a refund (in particular for the first bug).

It’s out on MS Store 390 MB.

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Just logged in 15:05 Zulu. Checking for updates…NADA

Maybe, right before release they noticed the hotfix needs a hotfix…

Yes 390Mo in Store :slight_smile:

I just tried on Steam - nada.