[Walkthrough] Avoiding CTD´s - Community Troubleshooting Guide


Hey LameLefty,

sorry for the late response.

First of all, I would recommend turning off any OC of your hardware. OC can cause CTD´s.
It is kinda unlucky, we have to turn off our CPU Auto Overclocks or GPU Overclocks, cause it´s just state of the art nowadays. Losing up to 10FPS is hard to accept, but there are some performance improvements you could get them back maybe.

Here´s a good guide about performance, maybe you could get your 10 FPS back.

Performance Guide

[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (8/18/2020)

The ATC CTD´s are common since Patch . Unlucky, I couldn´t found a possible solution. There are only the things you already tried to do, so I guess the best thing is, don´t use ATC and wait until ASOBO will patch this bug.

Many users already reported that issue, but it is still a good thing to submit a Ticket at Zendesk about the issue.

Have a nice day!
Marc / Epic Primus

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