Want to delete partially downloaded mod (scenery)

Hm. Seems like theres something wrong when trying to re-download a scenery I had to stop earlier. I think somehing is corrupt with the partially downloaded file. Seems like downloads keep restarting (and the bar restarts its joruney to the right part of the line) :wink: I just wanna delet any partiall downloaded stuff. In this case ORBX Bromma scenery. I’m on part II of that download (the one that does stop and restart)

Is this possible?

Yes it´s possible. Sometimes downloads or updates get stuck at 0 Kb/s and you need to do the following, even several times, to re-install the addon:

  • Uninstall addon at ORBX central in case it´s still installed (this will delete the addon folder and Community symlink)
  • Exit ORBX central (close it completely from tray)
  • Delete everything in “\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx” (there is where partial downloads are temp saved)
  • Install again the addon at ORBX central


But I think he means it’s an Orbx product purchase from the in-game marketplace?

Not the Orbx Direct app?

In which case you can find partial downloaded files in the root of the Official folder and you’d probably find it as filename.fspatch.part files. Delete those (with the game closed of course).


Ahh ok. Can also be done anyway. With game closed just delete the addon folder at OneStore (if exists) and any file which remains at OneStore folder (.part files) as Barracus wrote. At OneStore you should only have folders, not files. Go into content manager afterwards and install addon again.

It´s important to delete the addon folder (if exists) in case of updates to existing addons. This just avoids problems. Game will normally decompress the part files at the end of the download so in principle your original addon folder won´t be modified till then, but you know… It´s MSFS. Some updates are incrementally applied by means of several patch files instead of going directly to the latest version in one go, which is veeeery efficient for the download process :sweat_smile:



No it’s from the FS marketplace. Also, it’s a standalone install of FS, not Steam . I can’t find the files unfortunately. I would appreciate to have some more info, please. Thank you =)

Whats the OneStore? In the community folder? No such folder. Once again, its the standalone install of FS on PC (not steam). Were not talknig about Microsoft Store? Also…i got the scenery from within the games markeplace…

I have checked now, and there is no visible leftovers in OneStore folder. Latest scenery (which I also had problem with) was finally downloaded and is visible. But this scenery just loads very slow, and restarts all the time. The animated bar never finishes…