Want to find members interested in F18 and other single engine jets

I have been flying the sim on my computer system for over a year and have exhausted my interests in sightseeing with GA aircraft and want to learn more about flying F18. I have done some flying with it and would like to locate an active Discord group or other folks with a similar interest to my interest in flying single engine jets of all types. I did find one discord group which seemed to be interested, joined it only to discover that there is no activity that I can find. I would like to locate a group of flyers with interests similar to mine. Can someone point me to any group for this.

That’ll be hard since the F18 is dual engine :smiling_face_with_tear:


Dual engines are no problem. Been flying t he F18 and F14 for a while. I am looking for some flying buddies. I can already takeoff and land the F18 from a hard run way. Been using Hard Deck Carrier Bundle to take off from carriers. Still working on landings, going slow on t hat one. I am looking for a specialty group for flying single jets, Dual engines, etc. All the Groups (Discord and ?) are into either sightseeing or airline flying. I just want to put t he F18 through is best flying. Can you help me?

Thank you for your reply. I am still learning the F18 but am interested in fighters of all types. If there are only two of to start we can fly in a two aircraft formation.

I would like to join up with you on a Discord server. Please send me the link to the server you are on so we can begin a dialog.

BTW, where are you located, so we can figure out time zones etc. I am in the US, Central New Jersey.

Looking forward to flying with you.

I am not exactly sure what my server is called but I am USMC1775 #4904.

If you really want to learn the F-18, I would recommend a different sim to do so.

Or you can use renovated 3rd party manufacturers. The JS Hawk-T1 for example. It still has a few errors due to Asobo restrictions, but it also does a lot right.

Could you send me an invite to the Discord server you are using so I can join you.

I am hooked on MSFS and have a lot invested here. I have flown XP 11 and DCS but I just have too much invested in MSFS. What other sim is there?

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DCS for the F18

I looked into that one - to focused on missions, weapons, competition, etc.

I like the flight model there. While in FS2020 you can do endless loops and pirouettes with impunity, in DCS the plane has long since been dismantled into all its individual parts. Even without getting hit.

But yes, the incredible look of the world in FS2020 lets you forget many mistakes.

I would think that there is some folks out there that want to fly the F18, the best we have for US defense. Even at that I can fly it (carefully) at around 200 and do sightseeing with it.

What I am looking for is a few pilots out there that would like to simulate missions that they might have to fly as an F18 pilot, such as takeoff, fly a route to a destination, do what ever, and return to base.

With all the interest in the new Top Gun movie I would think that there would be some interest.

im interested in flying with yall

I’m interested also

Please use the link to send an invite:

Anyone else interested in the F18 also


Ive been working on starting up a Military discord channel for people who what to fly fast jets, practice BFM and cat/mouse flying, plus other Mil type items. It’s very basic right now, and if anyone is will help I would love to have you.

PK, I believe I have joined. Otrman