Want to share something with the community

Is this program called wideview by Michael Napolitano hes been modifying it for many years it allows you to link 2 copies of flight simulator fsx/prepard and now msfs on 2 or more computers the program is pricey but worth it I use it on prepardv4 I run 2 screens just scenery on my 10 year old computer so i can have the views i want with any plane,when I downloaded the new version you can run prepard on you main and msfs for scenery but you will need a medium power computer to run pd3 and a high power computer for msfs I don’t need this feature but still I think it’s pretty cool

Sounds like it could be a good solution for x-plane. FS2020 as a scenery simulator and x-plane as a flight simulator.
Give us a link please.

Sounds quite revolutionary. Might take a look and learn something new. Never heard of it before.


Https://www.wideview.it. btw I’m not trying to promote anything just thought I’ll put the post up in case some of you haven’t heard of this I think the reason this program was made is it was before the multi monitor support back in the day…I don’t think it works with xplane only fsx/pd3 and now msfs and there is different versions for the 32 bit and 64 bit and you can try it for free I think is 10 minutes before it disconnects,downside you need 2 copies of simulator and if you want everything to look the same you need the addons which most of them like orbyx and airports allows you to install in multiple machines for this pourpose

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