WANTED in UK. GPU better than my GTX750TI

My GTX750TI works fine, but the flashing clouds feature drives me crazy.

So sell me your medium spec GPU with 4+ outputs, and Santa can upgrade you to the latest greatest!

It’s a serious request and I like to recycle hardware. Message me or reply here - thanks.

Hi TaurineCorn668

I have just recently changed the GPUs in two PCs and now have 3 X 1080Ti GPUs available.
You could take two of them and use them in SLI mode.

Before the change I had two of them in my gaming PC in SLI mode and FS2020 was running very nicely at around 60 fps with Render Scaling = 100 + TAA, Both level of detail sliders at 100, Buildings on Ultra and most other settings on high or medium including Glass cockpit on high.

I am based in Shropshire.
Please contact me if you still need better GPU.

Oh - one more thing I forgot to include…
Volumetric clouds on high

I’m interested, I’ve sent you a message with my ďetails,


Hi all.

While I admire your goal to recycle hardware, this topic violates the following section of the Code of Conduct.

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