Warbird Wednesday

Always wanted to fly with other warbird pilots, hanging out, roaring away to nowhere in particular but at decent speeds? Welcome to Warbird Wednesday where we do exactly that! Fly your choice of warbird, or any other aircraft capable of 300mph or so, and be part of our adventure! This perpetual event is hosted three times on Wednesdays —one every 8 hours— so everyone has a chance to join (0400z, 1200z and 2000z). There is no master flight plan. It has a beginning but no end. We’ll simply chat about where we roughly like to go during our travels and head that way. Each week we’ll depart where we landed last. Above all, we’re gonna have a great time together.


• Check the schedule on the Got Gravel Discord Server (warbird-wednesday channel) and tune in to MSFS server West USA
• Join whichever group you can fly on Wednesdays: 0400z, 1200z or 2000z (keep in mind that 0400z will be Tuesday evening in the States)
• Discord radio will be UNICOM 3, unless taken
• Weather will be live when possible, local sim time to be chosen for each flight
• Preferably fly a warbird, but really, any GA aircraft that can keep up with us is fine too…we won’t shoot you down (even if we could)

Simply join the Got Gravel Discord Server to participate and head to the warbird-wednesday channel.


Expedition kickoff and departure will be from EGSU (Duxford, UK). Set your clock to 0800 (MSFS time). Duxford is home to the Imperial War Museum and is also dubbed “Warbird Central” in MSFS. We’ll fly over London, following the river Thames to the Cliffs of Dover after which we’ll trace the coast towards Belgium and The Netherlands. We’ll see where we stop.

Highly recommended add-on for this trip: Duxford Airfield EGSU » Microsoft Flight Simulator

See you at Duxford!
Got Gravel

I’ll try to fly with you. Very good idea! Thx for organisation.
Look for ‘Spitfire IXc’

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I’m likely flying the 1200z but will try to join 0400z as well for the kick-off.

The kick-off is tomorrow, see you there!

For inspiration: