WARNING! Update your AMD chipset drivers without delay!

Make sure you upgrade to the latest AMD chipset drivers without delay!

If you do not then your passwords on your PC may be compromised by a security flaw in older AMD chipset drivers.

AMD Chipset Vulnerability Leaks Passwords, Patch Available | Tom’s Hardware

AMD has divulged details about a chipset driver vulnerability that can allow non-privileged users to read and dump some types of memory pages in Windows. This technique allows an attacker to steal passwords or enable other types of attacks, including circumventing standard KASLR exploitation (aka Spectre and Meltdown) mitigations (via TheRecord).’



Thanks for the Info!

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Your welcome! I saw a thread about AMD chipset driver performance in this forum and that made me realise that this issue needed to be addressed and that I don’t think the story has really ‘hit home’ for most people yet.