Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem

People shouldn’t have to do this, this eternal dalliance with settings, troubleshooting etc. It completely destroys any sense of fun or enjoyment. Which is what using the sim is meant to be about. But instead, people waste hours of their time troubleshooting idiotic errors that in most cases have nothing to do with their settings, or their hardware.

It’s incredibly disappointing to me that this happens, without fail, whenever there is an update due.

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This isnt a sim it’s beta testing.

Fun and enjoyment is on the main server.


I accept that. But it won’t be ‘fun and enjoyment’ if this issue is prevalent when it comes out of beta, will it. That and the fact that the release version is imminent, is my point.

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I have been using SU10 since its release and had never encountered this problem until very recently. The only element that I changed was trying to use charts / navigraph in working titles CJ4 . It may have been a coincidence but this appears to be the only time this error occurs on my system. Food for thought.

First complete flight in .20 no message, turned Resizable BAR off.

you see right that this is a beta test but unfortunately there are also countless bugs for months that do not play in the beta e.g. MSFS Application Error - memory could not be read
and if we are completely honest MSFS never came out of beta version

By that thread most people seem to have it worked out?

Stay on-topic please.

From what I recall, Resizeable Bar is disabled for MSFS through the Nvidia driver.

Yeah, I disabled it via the bios as well and had a fine hour plus flight MD-80 KBOS CYYZ both FlyTampa no issues … fly around London once and head back to EGLL in a 172 and

What worries me is that they’ve been completely silent since the last (and only) reply regarding this issue.

The feedback to the developers was done 3 working days ago (and given there’s a time difference between Washington, USA and France - probably only 2 days since submission) at the start of the weekend. I would imagine they have received that feedback and perhaps working on it.


Also bear in mind that many these recent posts are, most likely, coming from people who are still on, due to the debacle around the MS Store for PC version that had to be rolled back to

I don’t think we have a clear picture here, yet, on this message and the related CTDs that may have been addressed by

It’s unfortunate that the beta reporting has now been heavily clouded by there being two different versions in play.

And now a flawless flight around NYC Long Island to Teterboro, horrible weather for simming and fantastic frame rates?

But on main server (SU9) it was also no fun for me, because of stutters and bad performance. I dont know what and when they have changed it to worse but I think that it was starting to get worse since X-box feature(s) was implemented. That is not against x-box users (my 13 years old son is playing with it) but the should seperate things that may not work together. That’s only my opinion - Im not a programmer.

Without our complains there would be nothing changed. For me its no fun, to test and write, find out what would cause the error. Without our complains Asobo even would not know about that, normallly they should test it by themselves - even - yes - it is a BETA. But even a BETA should not be unplayable. Abd it speaks foritselves , that they declare this post/chat as “problem solved” - no, nothing is solved. Because the problem is not the error message itself but the cause for the error message that leads to CTD. It seems that Asobo want to give the responsibility to us users - we just have not the right fitting GPU/EQ . But it is bad programming. There is just a wrong code or something that’s causing CTD (even without mods and any addons). But you are right - it’s now wasted time for discuss that. Sme users might not have the problem, so they don’t care, its understandable. But for many it is frustrating - because even SU9 (not Beta) is not the alternative because of stutters and bad perfeormance - that was the reason I change to BETA. Normally I would not do that, as long the old version runs stable. But that wasnt the case.

This statement was only concerning the confusing “Text Message” but not accepting that there must be a problem behind - without this text we would just have a CTD - now we have a (maybe wrong) analysis and when we tick “yes” the CTD comes :slight_smile:


Looks like they release it in this constant crash state, never had a problem with su9.

Right, there you are… the forum explicitly states that the beta is not meant as early access. It is meant for testing, and everything that comes with it, like ctd’s, reconfiguration, reinstallation, frustration. A team of 30.000 volunteers willing to spend hours for the greater good. Not to have more fps earlier than the neighbour.
Maybe think twice before you launch into SU11 beta?


The intent of my post was not to imply you shouldn’t come here to express your problems and share the experience that you are having, be it good or bad. My main point was the posts that imply that Asobo is lazy, incompetent, uncaring etc. etc. etc. are demeaning and uncalled for and do nothing to solve anybody’s problems.

This is a BETA! The only way Asobo can identify the real issue and solve it is if you actually do some Beta testing…temporarily get rid of all the addons and undo whatever goofy tweaks you might have done to your computer. Then test, and if the problem persists, then launch proper bug report!

The “blaming the user” thing. At least in the PC world there are a virtual infinity of possible combinations of hardware and software and Asobo can’t possibly identify and test each one. With proper reporting, they may be able to identify some common threads and fix the problem for most folks, but there will all be a small number of things that can’t be “fixed”. Five years into xPlane11, there area still a small few that can’t get to run well, when it’s been running fine for most for years.

Oh dear…this has become a rant-length post!

Bottom line…complaining about the problem is not the same as doing what you can to try and solve it…and bad-mouthing the developers don’t help at all!