Was OK after Hotfix but now it hangs!

The sim Was OK after Hotfix and had a few good flights in various Aircraft, but now it hangs on loading up !!!

Try to clear your community addons, and see if that solves the freezing issue on loading.

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Hi @GoonerKev, can you please tell where during the loading up you see the hangup exactly ? Did you see the Rhino’s ? Update screen ? Did you see “Take the Pilot’s seat” ? Did it go to desktop (CTD) and how long did you wait… (Neo is right, clear Community try again)

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First thing I done, but still hangs on loading up sim.

Community is all clear, and restarted PC. It hangs after clicking on icon as usual to load up the Sim. The loading BAR is about half way (can’t take a screen shot as it won’t let me. Got me stumped, as it was going all OK !!!

Eventualy got into making a short flight from Biggin to Gatwick in Standard A320, went to loading it and halfway through loading the screen has frozen, why cant things be simple anymore.

How about in the options menu? Anyone having issues there also? Have issues in controller tab when changing key binds…will hang there also.

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