Washed out graphics post SU5

To me the ground detail looks much better in SU5 but the halo glowing around the plane is really off-putting (to me)

yeah but look at towards the horizon, see how quickly the detail drops off

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Ok true - I understand the desire/need to make changes to improve fps and accomodate xbox but leave us with choices we can make individually :frowning:


yeah I agree, but for the sake of comparison I had to ensure all settings were the same, I don’t use bloom in FS2020, color grading, grain, sharpen all set to zero, reshade manages my bloom (neo bloom) and my sharpening. here is SU5 bloom in game on vs off



actually, the ground detail is much worse in SU5, take a look at the red circle



ok - looks better at first because it’s sharper in 5, but the amount being rendered is reduced.

Let ME decide…

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Here is a screenshot of my screen, at paderborn runway 6.
I set the time and weather manually so you guys can compare if it’s the same or not.

My settings is on ultra preset, nothing changed except motion blur is turned off.

My resolution is quite high so i had to convert the image to jpg with a little bit of quality loss. (original image is 11MB and forum accepts only 4MB)
but we are looking at color grading here so :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s pretty much full sun hitting the plane at that time of day

I know SU5 is at a slightly different angle, draw a line across the airport, everything above in SU5 looks very blurry in comparison to SU4, this is obviously exaggerated a little with the zoom and angle but still DD is less, I’ll try get a 1-1 replica screen shot to see if it’s clearer.


Thanks - I’ll fire it up shortly and do some comparisons and try the nvidia filters to see if I can get it more to my liking

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oh the dev tools showing the bloom is cuz of his reshade lol.
maybe try posting without filters over it so people can compare properly mate.

both have filters, it would be impossible to compare if I now disabled filters is SU5, exactly the same settings used.

yeah okay makes sense, but it’s hard to see for others if it looks right or not when the image is altered allready if you get what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ve seen all the comments about DD reduction in 5 and I really struggle reconciling that with Seb’s assertions in the Dev streams that they have massively increased DD over time. Maybe they did but this has pulled it waaay back

This intro from Asobo was obviously taken in game, look around the wings, at the clouds, at the scenery and the general color grading. If this was edited before being published, imagine what is looked like before lol

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terrain looks sharp as always to me as well honestly :open_mouth:
What did work for some people is changing the server in the top right corner when pressing esc.


I have a feeling it’s something with Nvidia acting up then, if there is truly this much of a difference with you guys.
please try comparing that paderborn screenshot i took i am curious. (without filters)

(the forum really kills image quality haha)

Is that the one downloaded from the market place 17 plus GB? can you list your post processing entries and all your settings so I can duplicate the exact image :wink:

low level flight, are (kind of) fine for me as well, but different story at fl390.

a bit blown out and overexposed, no matter where you look the auto-exposure won’t regulate.
36fps with SU5 TrackIR looking around at LOD600



one day before SU5 was released, I’ve made a bunch of screenshots at different locations to compare them with SU5 (mostly to compare FPS before/after). Here are some of them.


  • 2 different aircraft: C152 (steam gauges) and C172 (glass cockpit)

  • one shot in cockpit, one from external view behind the aircraft (no change of view direction)

  • one set of shots on the runway, one in the air

  • for the shots in the air, I activated “active pause” once the flight was loaded

  • time: 10 AM for every shot and every location

  • weather: always scattered clouds

  • track IR paused

  • graphic settings where unchanged in SU5, I’ve double checked this.

As you can see, the lighting is quite different (much brighter in SU5) and it seems to me that the clouds are less detailed on some shots (not sure though). FPS have gone up quite sigificantely (see table).
But judge for yourself.

First image is SU4 (upper right corner: “SDK update available”), second is SU5

performance gain (which I’m quite happy with)


Intel I7-6700K


MSI GeForce RTX 2070