Washed out graphics post SU5

As soon as I started my first flight it was painfully obvious that the graphics were severely degraded compared to SU4. The specific issue is that the rendering is far too bright resulting in a washed out view everywhere. 2 specific cases:

  1. Sat in cockpit at EGLC - raining, drops on screen - switch to external camera - could only tell it was raining by taking the drone right to the windshield and seeing drops. From any distance it was not visible.

  2. In the A320nx when I’d printed the Metar and put on the pedestal - could hardly read the text because the paper was overwhelmingly bright.

Messing with monitor controls made no difference and all other apps are exactly as they were yesterday. This is extremely bad for immersion (and irritating as there’s no colour adjustment in the sim)

Yeah, idk man. The sim feel downgraded! I have ultra settings and it just feel awful atm :confused:


Agreed - please revert the saturation settings in the planned hotfix. The sim looks absolutely terrible.

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Not everyone is having this issue. Looks great on mine. I always delete the rolling cache file after a major update like this. That works many times to clear up what is being described here. Hope it works.

To fix problem #2 you can either use Nvidia Freestyle and adjust saturation, etc to your liking (but it affects the whole sim) or you can go under UserConfig.cfg and change the Colorgrade to 0 (from value 1 to 0).


Really wish we didn’t have to dig into cfg files again. If a core setting requires edits, it should be part of the UI.


This was a totally clean install - I killed the old version and loaded on a brand new nvme…

Thanks will try these asap

I am a web designers that does alot of photo editing as well, honestly color grading right now looks way better.
I don’t have the issue of the paper being overexposed or any other parts of the sim.

I think it looks better now, clouds aren’t dull grey and properly white.
The warm tone is finally colder now as it should be.
Overly saturated colors are now less saturated.

It looks proper to me.
Mind that I am on a calibrated 10 bit IPS panel with 670 nits peak brightness, so my experience might differ.


It may well be my monitor - you are clearly the expert here so I’m pleased at least it’s possible to get a good result. It was just a night and day change to my eyes - what I have at the moment is awful. Will try the nvidia filters

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I’ve heard from another Nvidia 3090 users that their sim was overexposed, maybe this issue happens to Nvidia users only.
I recently switched from a 3070 to a 6800XT so i can’t really test if there is a difference or not.

This is not the issue here, this appears to be a coded change somewhere in the lighting model, AA or similar control. No amounts of CFG adjustments will return the sim to the original color, lighting and AA we saw in SU4.


Here is an example:


I experience this too. I’m on Nvidia RTX instead of GTX. Could it be a ray tracing issue as the sim would be gearing up for that? (but I believe only per DX12 update)

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hmm that indeed looks overexposed on the screenshot, strange :open_mouth:

Maybe one of us can compare and see if it really is an Nvidia issue or not since i use a 6800XT.
Spawn on the same airport,runway, date time and weather preset.
And screenshot it from the same angle.


Same time, same location.




can allready tell by the dev tools on the top right there is some heavy bloom and overexposure going on

(one moment i’ll boot up the sim and take a screenshot myself, i’ll post the location etc as well and time/date / weather preset)


There is a bloom setting in options I think? Would dropping that make a significant change?

no clue honestly, bloom is not supposed to work on the entire screen like that.

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No, it doesn’t work, i tried