Disappointed in Sim Update 5

so when is the new halo coming out?

(Not a native English speaker, so excuse me for my English)
I am a simmer from FSX in 2014. Stop flying many years because of real-life stuff, but I am back and flying because of the MSFS and its potential. Now, I have over 1,900 hours on MSFS, but the issues I am experiencing in the recent Sim Update 5 are out of control. CTD after CTD, when there is no CTD, the live weather doesn’t work and I can’t climb to my FL without changing to the weather preset. There are many more issues I can’t tell you at once. At this moment, I don’t think MSFS is able to properly simulate the experience that simmers wanted, and I will stay with P3D or XPlane until Asobo gets everything together. Again, I am not saying MSFS is a game or not. I just think the current state of the MSFS can’t provide the experience that simmers wanted.


so Im assuming you had no CTDs on SU4.

did you have any addons in the community folder before you started updating to SU5?

have you tried this in the windows settings? the Repair option, NOT reset. reset will probably delete everything except the downloader. its worth a try.

While I didn’t experience any CTD (only CTD I experienced was when I had certain add ons and liveries in my community folder). The sim visually took a pretty big hit on PC.

I primarily fly airliners and at FL400, the ground texture just looks absolutely garbage, on Ultra setting and 200 LOD. And everything is so over exposed that flying a white-ish livery airplane at above cloud altitude just blinds my eyes. And of course all the pop ins. I love MSFS but this is the worse update so far on PC.

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I was forced to swap back to my HDR screen after SU5.

To be honest with LOD wound up to 300 or so the game in HDR looks good, HDR in this game has always been hit and miss but it now seems to be really good, the odd glitch but overall looking better than it ever has.

HOWEVER … with my SDR gaming monitor, on the other hand, MSFS is pretty ordinary and does not look near as good as it did under SU4.

Just a reminder to vote in the corresponding threads in the Bugs Section

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This is how MSFS is described on the PC Microsoft Store now. I guess that says it all.


they have implemented some great new features with this SU5 (like the bing maps on the world map when you zoom in). however, this is first update and the first time after about half a year of simming wiht MSFS, that i got disappointed:
i finally got a gpu upgrade (RX6800). now on mostly ultra. clouds on
ultra. but clouds look grainy and like cottonballs. i was on a sim break
for a while but on my old GTX1070 on medium (clouds on high), the
clouds were looking at least the same, maybe better (this was pre SU5).

i also got my first CTD after SU5 - i never had one before. but in case of CTD i have to say that there are maybe uncompatible addons in my community folder, which causes the CTD - so this is maybe not a fault of MSFS, instead of uncompatible addons.

brightness sometimes to bright. big burned out areas towards the sun.

scenery texture far away blurry, altough sliders are all the way on the right.

please ms/asobo bring back the (PC) quality we had back before SU5 . thanks

Well lets hope the makers of X-Plane and P3D can work with something like Unigine together with Google maps and create some competition. Otherwise we’ll always have this kind of US5 fiasco.

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Well, sometimes the game looks like P3D Default scenery now, so that’s great.


This is a great opportunity to bring flight simulation to a level even better than the current MS/Asobo fiasco. Let’s hope Lockheed (P3D) and Laminar Research (X-Plane) are looking at this; perhaps combining this and other engines with google maps. I personally cannot believe anything MS/Asobo says anymore.


Laminar / Austin Said ist clearly last week during x-plane new generation talk, he does not like the MS streaming approach. So for x-plane you will not get any google streaming. They will improve scenery but not with streaming. Sorry.
In terms of flying the scenery is not top priority. Nice to look but not mandatory.

There is no cool down.
This game is broken and full of bugs since SU5!
I didnt play it since than.
Its a shame!!!


I actually agree with Austin on this one. It sucks to live at the mercy of a company pulling the plug on you one day, like what we just experienced july 27th and a decade ago.

I agree, I feel betrayed. Once trust is lost it is hard to get it back…
And still No communication from ASOBO/Microsoft, they are taking us for granted


I did this already at steam!


Or maybe another Indie studio jumps in and makes a flight sim.
Otoh if thing go south really bad I’ll play something else, I still hope that someone makes a new WW2 U-Boat/submarine sim some day like the Silent Hunter 3/4 series was back in the day.
There are still people out there who play the old Silent Hunter 3 and there’s a metric boat load of mods for it (pun intended). It’s actually quite intense to avoid getting depth charged the living snot out of by these pesky Royal Navy convoy escorts, tbh.
Then there’s still IL2, DCS and the little bit older Rise of Flight for those who want to fly and ofc XP11 and P3D themselves.
ETS2 and ATS are also quite fun, I really do like my International Lonestar, tbh. It’s ugly asf but somehow it grew on me.

They have look for u boat on steam with destroyer due out in 2022

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Interesting, I’ll take a look.

It’s early access or was but works great with scope to grow has s as management level to it as well.

But yes nothing will ever match the original silent service.

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