Washington DC Scenery is missing US Capitol, details missing in Washington monument and White House

How sad.
Have you seen Buckingham palace? Queen hit hard times and lives in council estate.

The Panama Canal has hills in the water, Don’t try to fly under that first bridge, its like hitting a wall lol

There is also a Building in the middle of the National Mall, between Washington Monument and the Capitol. It should be removed.

Washington DC Scenery is missing US Capitol

It’s missing EVERYTHING! Looks like the scenery didn’t install properly.

Confirm you installed, if so delete and try again? Did you buy from the MS Marketplace or DD’s website? Let us know so we can avoid your mistake! :joy:

ps if you bought from Marketplace, did you just “download” or “download and install”?

The scenery is accurate. MS-Asobo hasn’t gotten around to improving Washington DC. Perhaps they will since next World Scenery update is the US.

For now, go to Flightsim.to and install Srinivasan’s brilliant and free Washington DC Scenery.

I concur. This community scenery is very well done.

If not the US is next on the world update list. I can’t imagine Asobo not updating DC.

The Washington Monument in DC looks like an autogen apartment building.

That’s because it’s an autogen apartment building.

Or an alien monolith. I haven’t decided.

Fly a bit further. See the White House and the Capitol. Both match the Obelisk.

It’s only good city planning to coordinate your aesthetics.

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Because LIDAR can’t be used in that part of DC, the only way for the monument (as well as the WH, Capitol, and any other parts of the mall that are autogen’d) is for them to be hand-crafted. Since it wasn’t done upon release, I assume this is something that’ll require a third-party add-on.

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Was flying through DC and notice the almost every single landmark is wrong (except for the Lincoln Memorial - which is surprisingly extremely accurate). Here is what’s missing or messed up.

  • Washington Monument is now a 50 story black office building.

  • Capital doesn’t exist

  • White House doesn’t exist

  • Jefferson Memorial doesn’t exist

  • Kennedy Center has turned into an industrial warehouse

  • National Cathedral doesn’t exist

  • Cathedral at Georgetown University doesn’t exist

  • Washington Eye @ National Harbor doesn’t exist

Not only are these major US landmarks, but they are also visual landmarks for VFR (especially when landing at DCA)!

Please fix soon.

K, thx.

I urge you to file a report using Zendesk https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new It’s the only way we will get these things changed. If enough of us do it, then they will take notice.

I have a hunch that this is probably intentional…

Probably space for someone who made Washington DC already…?

I agree it needs improvement. As someone from the UK, seeing Buckingham Palace as an office block, I can understand your feelings with Washington DC monuments.

I also agree with others, the lack of scenery in some areas is likely intentional, as a third party maybe launching a product in the near future and Asobo didn’t see the need to dedicate time right now to finishing off every city.

Lets hope our office blocks turn into the monuments then should be soon :wink:

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All settings on ultra and btw the groundtextures are bad too :smiley:

This is probably a national security issue — even though, yeah, it would be very nice to cruise around and see the sites…

It’s because Drzewiecki Design is releasing a Washington DC DLC next week.
It includes all the monuments and important buildings.