WASM Deep Dive

I just posted a document on fsdeveloper.com detailing how WASM support for Microsoft Flight Simulator is implemented for anyone who desires a systems level understanding. Since I can’t post a pdf here, anyone interested can follow the link and download the document from there.

PDF Attachement: wasm.pdf (374.1 KB)


PDF Added above for convenience! Thanks for putting this together @geoffda!


@geoffda Really a nice document! Although the content is meant for real experts (which doesn’t include me), your first pages explained in simple words how I could build my first WASM module for FS2020 with VS2019, and show “Hello world!” in the console. I haven’t debugged yet, but it’s good to read that the moment when you start the debugger is pretty sensitive. Good to know!


Tx Geoff for the work put into this!

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Wow, overlooked this for nearly a year :blush:, great document Geoff

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