WASM with VisualStudio 2022

I am currently trying to create my own WASM project for MSFS. But I am using Visual Studio 2022 and unfortunately current sdk doesn’t provide WASM project type for VS2022…
Acording to documentation:

  • Start Visual Studio.
  • Select the " Create a New Project" option.
  • In the filters select " C++" for the language, " Microsoft Flight Simulator" for the platform and " WebAssembly" for the project type.
  • In the list below the filters, select " MSFS WASM Module", " MSFS WASM Static Library" or " MSFS WASM Gauge Demo" and press Next.
  • In the " Configure your new project" window, select the location of the project and press Create.

I cant pass 3rd step because I don’t see Microsoft Flight Simulator platform in C++ tab. When installing SDK i have selected plugin for VS2019 but it doesn’t work with 2022. What should I do? I can’t reinstall my vs to 2019 because I need 2022 for other projects.


Yeah, it seems unfathomable to me that Asobo hasn’t updated the SDK to support VS 2022. That said, if you have the disk space available, you should be able to run VS 2019 side by side with VS 2022.

Just download and install VS2019. It will run perfectly happily side by side with VS2022. You can then choose whichever version of VS you want for any project you’re developing.

In fact, once you’ve created your WASM project in VS2019, you can then edit and build it in VS2022. It’s just that - for some strange reason - you can’t yet build a new WASM in VS2022, but you can edit and build an existing one.

Thank you for your reply. I will just install VS2019.