Water discontinuities

Brief description of the issue: There are numerous water height discontinuities in larger lakes and harbors in New Zealand and Australia (as experienced on Xbox X.) Please add your known discontinuities to this post.

Here’s one of several in Sydney Harbor. Approximate location is shown on the GPS map.

Here’s another - water running up a beach in the inner harbor.

Here’s a third one - a sort of sand bar at the entrance to the harbor (The Heads).

I previously reported on this forum a large weir-like obstruction at the northern end of Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

The QA team might be able to automate some tests for water height continuity in these large bodies of water.

There’s this rather curious structure, 98km east of Ostersund Airport [ESNZ], Sweden.

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Also saw this in the Finland bush trip most recently.

A right-angle water discontinuity in the southern area of Lake Te Anau, New Zealand, just north of NZTZ.

Reports from @shutter2488 and @hobanagerik in another topic: Wall of Water

the world is big, they are never ever going to fix all the issues.
you can only send a bugreport, you never know.

If they ever want to expand the franchise to include simulators for watercraft they’ll need to fix these discontinuities.

I’d like to tidal effects added to the coastal waters. Mont-Saint-Michel is a good candidate for this, but there are plenty of places that look very different at low tide. Another is Barra International Airport, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Quoting from a CNN Travel article: “Where else in the world can you pick cockles on a runway?
Rather than think about where to build a tarmac airstrip when you’re short on space, the Outer Hebridean island of Barra took a different approach – it didn’t bother with one.
Pilots wait until the tide is out and then land on the beach – reportedly the only airport in the world where scheduled flights touch down on sand.
In between flights to and from Glasgow, the public have open access to the beach/runway.”

Have you actually been to these places? Maybe those discontinuities are actually there.

Jk jk… I think the long term fix is when they implement the Scenery Gateway feature (next year sometime?). Then the users fix this stuff themselves and the changes get added to the base simulator scenery for everyone else automatically. There’s no way Asobo can fix the thousands and thousands of glitches out there. They need to employ the userbase to fix it for free.

Yes - I have been to these places.

I can imagine a QA automation suite that constructs transepts across bodies of water and traverses them, looking for discontinuities. It wouldn’t need to be done for every release. It’s very similar to the problem of color matching tiles of imagery.

The scenery gateway solution had better be cloud-based. As an Xbox user I can’t imagine that I’d be able to install a usable extension that allowed for scenery editing or terraforming, but I could use a cloud app with a browser interface.