Water emergency landing

Water emergency landings should be possible and do not immediately lead to the flight being aborted as a crash.

If you disable crash,

I don’t know if it will be ok :wink: in XP11 that was simulated perfectly!


Not every pilot can be a Sully tier pilot.


like this?


Haha, exactly! :smile:

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Saw a dude give it a proper go across the east river bridges though… just as he was about to go under the birdges, his A320 jumped up and over 'm. :smile: :smile:
As soon as he skimmed that water, he was popping back up… musta had crash off then?!


Hi Guys,

I found out that water depth is not implemented yet. Because the water is flat and not deep like in real life. Because when you run out of fuel and you’re gonna down to land in the ocean or another water is your only option to make a emergency water landing. But in the MSFS 2020 looks a emergency water landing like, that you are landed on a runway with water texture or with flat water. I can imagine that the emergency water landing would be a really good Landing challenge for the MSFS 2020.

WOW i didn’t no that you can land on water, are they becoming Runways now LMFAO :rofl: :joy: :grin:

The Ocean,Water ist now our Airport when we cant find an another Airport for landing :joy: :rofl:

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Was hoping someone had a bit of telemetry on height etc as want to give it a go. I see 3200ft as point of impact. Might try for Teterboro as opposed to the east river. Anyone try for the airport straight after engine loss?
Anyone able to fill in the blanks.

Plane make/model
Plane load weight
Height at bird strike and engines out
Weather was clear and cold. Know this
Windy or not?

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