Water looks even WORSE with the new update

I really hoped they would just revert to how the water looked at launch eventually, because each update has made the water worse and worse…

WELL, they managed to do it again… All ultra settings, lakes and ponds look like something out of FSX now, absolutely horrendous and blocky… horrible shadowing around shorelines too, immediately noticable… texture tiling somehow seems even worse…

This is the best simulator ever made, but it seems every update goes one step forward and two steps back… What is the problem here???


I have to agree after the update the water looks like a frozen lake. I will have to try and fly different areas but I doubt it will change. Shame as this sim is brilliant

I understand that game trailers always look better than what gets released but I really think they should take down the pre release trailers for this sim as they are so far from what people get that its going generate tons of complaints.

The sim doesn’t even resemble day one release now.

AS for the water. If you fly in an area like I do with tons of small ponds they now shimmer all over the horizon giving the impression that AA is not working right. Maybe its not.


Ive just flown over the channel to Jersey and the sea looked like it should! Maybe my areas had calm weather i dont know. It did look a lot better though.