Water Masking Problem

For some reason I’m unable to see any water masking/coral reefs. Please can someone tell me how to fix this?

I found this area on Flightspots. Tungbukan Island, Panglima Sugala, Philippines

This is how is should look

But for me it looks like this

I have an RTX3070 and is on Ultra settings

EDIT: I have just tried installing the latest Nvidia driver and restoring all Nvidia graphics settings to default in case something had been turned off by mistake but its still the same.

I don’t understand all these amazing screenshots taken of coral reefs and my system looks like graphics are on low. I would appreciate if anyone could help.

Where do you see these screenshots with water masks?

If they’re from game trailers, then many of those are not yet done in the sim. Asobo is constantly adding new water masks every update but strange that many of the water masks they showed in their past trailers are not yet in the sim.

Working for me:

but, when there’s lightning, I get these weird lines on the masked areas as seen above.

The screenshots are from a website called Flightshots and are from others posting screenshots. I’ve tried quite a few areas and none are working as they should. I’m really baffled as to what is going on.

have you tried deleting your current rolling cache and then making a new file?

FIXED: I had a look in the ‘data settings’ and it appear the Bing Data World Graphics was OFF for some reason. I’ve never turned this off before so not sure why it was off.
Anyway I turned it ON and all appears good now. Wow what a difference that makes

lmao. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things! Sometimes an update can change your settings so be sure to check them after each update!

Sometimes Bing settings get turned off when you have network interruptions. Like when your internet suddenly slows down and getting timeouts. MSFS automatically turn off some of the data settings like Bing to stop pinging the maps site to download the data.

When you’re back on line, for some reason it doesn’t turn it back on, so you need to manually turn it back on again.

Closing topic as user has found his own answer.