Water takeoff?

Is it possible to plan & start a flight on water (with a float plane :wink: ) of do you need to specify an airport for departure or custom departure at x feet altitude?

As of SU5 it should be, as they added about 700 water runways (almost all in the US and Canada).

700 water runways?! Wow impressive!! I will test tomorrow to find some beautyful spots to fly around and make some screenshots.

Actually float planes should be able to land on any water.
I took off and landed at 2 different locations on the Delaware river yesterday. Give it a try.

You’re right, and you can take off again, no problem… but the question was about a flight plan. You can’t start a flight on the water (yet)

@MiddcoreGaming can you name any of these locations ? Do they have ICAO-airport codes ?

Most of them don’t have ICAO codes, they have FAA LID’s or whatever Transport Canada calls the equivalent.

I don’t have a list, but I know off the top of my head Kenmore Air Harbor was added and it should be S60. You can find them by using the filters on the world map to pick only airports and water runways (filtering our all other surfaces). LittleNavMap might make it easier to get data on them but I don’t use it so I couldn’t say.

As midcore said,but yes, you can start a flight on the water.

PHNL Honolulu,

See this post too To Beaver or not to Beaver... that is the question - #132 by Megadyptes7635

I started at La Guardia yesterday. Drove the plane into the Water next to the Runway, gear up and go. Maybe not what you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let’s hope that someone at Asobo have realised that the water rudders don’t work. !WATER :roll_eyes:

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Yes but only at a designated departure port? I want to plan a route starting from one of my local reservoirs or lakes where there is no port.

Yes I understand landing is not a problem, my question was not about landing. It was about starting from any random bit of water with a flight plan.

Why not fly an amphibian to your local reservoir from a nearby airfield and then start. You probably couldn’t import a plan (because a reservoir is not an official airstrip) but you can certainly file and fly a plan , on VATSIM, for example.

Then do one of two things. Make one with the SDK, or park yourself wherever you want, and save a flight there as your start. Load it again whenever you want.

If you use Little NavMap you can filter runway type by water only and then see all the added new water runways. That screenshot I took in the post someone linked above only shows ~200 ish as I didn’t notice LNM only selected that many by default but you can select more or use more of the filtering tools to find them. Unfortunately almost all of them lack a parking/docking spot so you’ll always start with the engine going and everything switched on when you start from one of them but its better than nothing.

I also wish you could select any spot on the map as a take off location including water, it would be great. They could call it ‘take off anywhere’ to go along with their touted ‘land anywhere’ feature from the last update. Might make a wishlist thread about it actually.

Edit: And wishlist thread is up! Take off anywhere

I realise I could spend a weekend flying to and landing on every lake and reservoir in North of England and some of the scottish lochs and saving loads of start positions that I might want to use at a later date, or I could ask Asobo to implement the take-off anywhere feature, anyway my question has been answered and it’s a no.

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