Water takeoffs and landings, how to get them smooth?

I’m trying to learn how to do water takeoff and landings but I find it very hard to get them smooth. Is there a technique that I can learn?

Here’s the takeoff:

And the landing:

Any tips are very welcome!

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There’s a method all on its own with float planes but the basics still apply - land into wind, correct speed, etc. There are marked differences to a hard surface landing however. Don’t flare - maintain a nose up attitude for the landing and run out.
Take a look here:

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To a certain extent, at least with the sim in it’s current state, i don’t think “smooth” is ever going to be possible. The water in the sim doesn’t act like water.


Thanks, that was also what I suspected. The plane starts bouncing uncontrollably very quickly. Let’s hope water dynamics get improved over time

I have noticed …in the early release of the game, when i wanted to test that, that indeed, the water does not act like water. I think it would implicate waaaay too much physics calculations, and would jut not be possible for our pc’s, considering already how hard it is to make a sim “focus” on air physics (inclusive weather engine).
What i noticed though, is that when you land on water with floats, it’s as if tgere is flat ground, just half a meter or a bit more than a foot depth under the surface.
Since then, i have not used floatplanes anymore in msfs2020.