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The Raja Ampat Islands are an Indonesian archipelago off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua. Comprising hundreds of jungle-covered islands, Raja Ampat is known for its beaches and coral reefs rich with marine life.

Sadly, Raja Ampat - which is truly stunning IRL (check it out on google) - isn’t very well-served by its paucity of water masks in MSFS 2020 as things stand. I somehow doubt it will ever be done justice.

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For someone who will probably never see such sites, I’m glad to be able to experience it here with their best effort. It should look better irl anyway! Cheers! Thanks for your post! :+1::blush::100::100:

It’s not even proper water masking, and I had to look about a fair while to find even that. I don’t think Asobo or their colleagues (whoever is doing the water masking) have even looked at SE Asia. I have literally never found anything in SE Asia in MSFS 2020 on the scale of some of the water masks we are seeing in some parts of the Caribbean and (some) South Pacific islands, and Europe. If anyone knows differently, place and coordinates, please!

IRL, this amazing archipelago looks like this:

And this is just a tiny fraction of a huge island chain stretching across the Celebes, the Banda Sea and the Java Sea. In fact, IRL quite a bit of coastal SE Asia looks like this! Imagine my disappointment…

All coasts get a few meters water masking seeping through from tha aerial imagery, but there needs to be hand edits to fix larger spaces as well as the data being available in the aerial imagery to begin with.

We would all like to see our favourite area water masked, impossible to hand edit the whole world, have you raised a ticket with Zendesk? Even then this is probably low priority until this area gets covered by a world update - that’s the reality of the situation.

Yes, I agree. I haven’t raised a ticket because I know Asobo are well aware of the water mask issue and they have announced that adding water masks globally will be an ongoing task for them over time.

If I could do it myself, I would!

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Water masks are included in today’s update from MSFS

Is there a table showing the updated water masked regions ? Maybe developers should prepare, publish, and update such a list.

They said several months ago, in one of the earlier Q&A sessions, that they might release a map showing the locations that have received water masks. Sadly it appears that this idea has been abandoned.

Personally I think they should mark them as POIs in the World Map, and make them optional in the Open Filters settings menu. It is probably the easiest solution, and can help users decide where to fly from inside the simulator.


Yeah, perhaps with a different color and a specific type of marker, would be great to keep track of the water masked regions across the globe.


Specifically a single water mask is mentioned.

If they’re not going to overhaul how water is drawn in the game then I wish they’d hand over creating masks to the community via the user edited Scenery Gateway that’s supposedly in the works. I think that’s the only way we’re going to see water masks beyond a handful of isolated points of interest.

Well, to begin with, in VR, at certain angels and light you can see repating tile patterns. Not talking about obscure angels and time of day, it happens very often. They should fix that first but I agree that water masks are stunning in real life. Would be nice if that is added to the sim

Good place to start.
Let’s collect locations with water masks already applied - Flying / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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