Waterways Elevation Data Germany, Wuppertal Beyenburg

After the new city update and the elevation errors in Heidelberg, I remembered the problems in Wuppertal Beyenburg. Wuppertal was one of the first city updates in Germany. The eastern district of Beyenburg on the Wupper loop had some elevation errors on bridges and slopes, which were then corrected. After the correction, the entire surface of the lake was raised, which is still the case today.
I have 2 computers with the Steam and MS version. The problem also occurs with an empty community folder.
Here are a few pictures.

I would like to have this old historical part of Wuppertal corrected. :heart: :heart:

Many thanks to MS/AS to be able to visit these now many places in Germany from above. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


PS The trees crossing the lake in the last picture is an error too.