Waypoints reverses from Departure Airport

I am new to Flight Simulator and found this Forum.
Sorry if I am in the wrong area but perhaps steer me in the right direction, Thank you.

Please help an old 68 year old sort this one . . .
I am using an Xbox S the Grandkids gave me for my birthday!
When setting a flight plan in World Map (Departure + Arrival) I then add Custom waypoints.
My issue is I want to fly from Departure airport to Waypoint A, B, C, but the Flight Plan reverses direction.
It starts at correct departure airport but sends me in a reverse flight plan to Waypoints C, B, A.
Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.
Thank you

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Hello @Enonemuss,
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I’ve never tried to do this, but what happens if you make the custom points in C, B, A order.
Do they then appear in the flight plan as A, B, C?

Thank you for your consideration, sincerely appreciated.
Unfortunately that was the first thing I tried also.
I can not confirm this but it may involve MSFS adjusting the longest and shortest legs of the flight plan.
A BIG guess . . .

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I can’t replicate this.
I’ve tried a few times, but they always are put in the correct order.
Can you post a few screenshots of how you are creating the plan?

Thank you for your continued support, appreciated.
Airport YMTG Australia
Departure Runway 18
Arrival Runway 36
Aircraft Cessna 152 (About my limitation at my age)
I am ‘Guessing’ but it seems MSFS automatically selects the shortest departure leg (D) reversing the flight plan. This MAY be because I am using the same Airport for Departure and Arrival.
Again, my sincere thanks.

I sent you a DM on how to do this!

Many thanks for your detailed instructions.
I duplicated your Flight Plan EXACTLY!

The only thing I was doing differently was ‘Adding’ Dovovans as a separate and final leg back to YMTG, not as you instructed - adding Donovans to the highlighted Nelson to YMTG leg.

When I started flying I did the basic Flight Lessons which eventually got me off the ground and applause from my grandchildren. One of those lessons was VFR and the use of the NavLog to fly from one waypoint to the next. I rely on this as my ol’Cessna 152 and round dials suit me perfectly. (I am not quite ready to tackle the fancy technology just yet.)

Consequently, when I create a flight plan I refer to the Navlog for my first ‘Waypoint Heading’ versus opening the VFR Map and following the flight path.

This is where I feel I have been getting confused as the first Custom Waypoint Heading is 143 degrees to Donovans - the reverse direction of my intended Flight Plan.

Of course I may be reading the NavLog incorrectly . . .
Hopefully I have not confused you, I must admit I get myself a bit puzzled at times!

Your assistance and patience is sincerely appreciated.

Simon, Cairns AUSTRALIA

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