We Love VFR addon immersion :) Real Life vs Sim pics

Just thought I’d add a couple of pics of real life vs sim :slight_smile:
Granted, the pics are using my addon too, but the real star is the the “We Love VFR - Region 2” addon which added the smoke stacks that are just south of KCON and are a major landmark around the airport because they are always smoking (plus of course many other immersion inducing landmarks). The real life pictures were taken on a flight from KCON to KMHT earlier this year.


(p.s. how come there’s no real life vs sim optional tag?)


What VR system? And because I don’t know, how do you capture the VR screen like that?

Umm… You’re kidding right?

Those are comparison pictures from the sim and a flight I made from KCON to KMHT in February (I cropped the pictures from the sim to replicate my phone camera pictures a bit).

I could have taken some time to position my plane and camera in the sim to match exactly where the Warrior I was flying was, but I didn’t bother. I thought they were good enough as is.

No VR there. Just comparison screen shots from my screen (4K) and some pics from a flight I made in February.

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Thanks for the pics and many safe landings!

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Will the mod be compatible with WU6?

It should be. I can’t think of a WU that broke mods. The only issue might be a conflict if Asobo placed some tv towers or similar objects in WU6 that are in my mod already. But I’ll check it after the WU release.

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Ok, thanks. I’m really enjoying your mod. Well done.


We Love VFR is a must have mod for any VFR flight that the mod(s) cover. Great photos.