We need a bindable trim reset button

At the moment in some aircraft there is no way to see the aileron and rudder trim settings, this can lead to problems if the autopilot has changed it, or if you have accidently set it incorrectly. It’s not normally a problem at the start of the flight, but I had an issue where I made an ILS approach on AP in a high crosswind and landed.I then set up my plane for the next hop. When I engaged AP on takeoff the plane rolled upside down and plunged into the ground - I’m pretty sure this was because the trim was still set from the previous high crosswind landing.

I successfully use the command “Elevator Trim Axis (0 to 100%)” set to a joystick button for elevator trim.
I do not use aileron trim but I see there are commands “Center Aileron” and “Set Aileron Trim” so maybe one of those.

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Really I’m confused now.

You describe problems with ailerons trims and then about elevator trim problem? I expect you said that after click AP your aircraft did turn to ground to right or left, correct?

Yes, elevator trim isn’t the issue. It’s the aileron/roll trim that is causing me the problem. It would be nice just to have a one button trim reset option.

This would be good yes.

Although if im honest, a key checklist item before take off is to check that trim is set for “takeoff”.

If you do this, no problems…

Does every aircraft have an aileron and rudder trim indicator? I know I can get the elevator trim position from the external camera - not sure about the others though?

If the aircraft has the ability to manually trim these, then yes, to trim in most cases it will be a knob to turn left or right and will show you how much the trim is set by. It all depends on what aircraft and whether it has just basic elevator trim, or aileron and rudder trim as well…not all aircraft have this ability.

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Those command not work.
This is bug Not able reseting trim

I know this is an old thread, but it still needs attention. The biggest priority should be a simple aileron reset button like already exists for rudder trim. It should be a very simple addition.

Elevator trim would be nice, too, but there is no absolute “center” for elevators.


This hasn’t had a post in a while but with the New F-35 release which uses the Alerion Trim to control speed in Hover mode the ability to quickly reset that for me is needed now more than ever. I really don’t get why this hasn’t been added as I can’t imagine it would be overly complicated but would make a huge difference. Just wish there was an easy way for us to add it in ourselves…


I wish there was a parking brake ON and parking brake OFF, instead of just toggle Parking brake. Embarrassing when you aren’t sure how the brakes are set right before a landing.


It’s only another year later but nothing has been done here. Please bring the aileron trim reset bind for those who use it.


I ended up at this thread because I was looking on how to set up a trim reset command.

My problem is that my game suffers from momentary freezes (2-10 seconds). Upon coming out of these freezes, my elevator trim automatically shoots up to 100% and I enter a stall and death spin if my altitude is not high enough.

To counter this problem, when encounter these freezes (about 2 or three every 2 hour play session) I have to wait for the freeze to end and then immediately hit pause and then manually reset trim. This is a bit of an immersion killer. It would be a lot easy if I could just use a trim reset command.

Please add an option to reset ailerons back to centre, like you can rudder.