We need gloves

You didn’t take your gloves off for saying this :joy:

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typing :rofl: heatet gloves please! - Paraglide in wintertime - blue fingers :smiley:

I’m new here, and have used the previous flight sim with vr, and I could interact with “leap” it worked great! these gloves you speak of,.is that what you mean? Has anyone heard about leap being available within FS’20 ?

Yes x 1000000, at least ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ like ctrlpoint in DCS. But gloves would be the best, VR instantly becomes the most immersive and cheapest solution of owning every home cockpit there is. Gloves are a must.

Leap motion sucks in VR, it’s not precise enough.


i don´t know ctrlpoint. But we need some good light accurate gloves!

For starters let’s hope they at least intriduce VR controller support, because the mouse in VR is so dated… So vote here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/vr-controller-support-is-missing-please-add-in-addition-to-3d-mouse/

Gloves would be great, but so far we have no viable options for that. But even coltrollers in X-Plane, if set up right are an amazing experience - look at my video in that post. If vibration feedback is not a priority (and it’s great in controllers) then hand tracking could work.


Damned right. It’s cold out there!

Seriously, though, I agree with everything you are saying. Gloves and optimisation. I still want to use joysticks/throttles as well though. I wouldn’t want to sim entirely with the VR controllers :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve managed to wrangle some good performance and with my HOTAS setup, lack of gloves right now isn’t a massive issue for me. However incase Asobo are listening I certainly support both initiatives! :slight_smile:.

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Yes in any case. The gloves can never replace the joystick. But they can make the interaction with the glass cockpit or the buttons much more imersive. It would be cool to see the hand around the stick. You could also combine the “View Reset” with the spacebar directly with the joystick. You put your hand around the joystick, take the correct position and press spacebar.

I had used the leap hand interaction in the last fs, but no mention of it in the forums, I had good success with it, and I think it would be stellar with the new flight sim.

Here is an interview on german with the “head of Flight Simulator” Jörg Neuman:

You can translate it witrh deepl.com

Flight Simulator 2020 VR: Handtracking ist ein Langzeit-Ziel (mixed.de)

PlayStation / Sony have glove prototype for vr its a shame because ps5 could run this sim with bells on. would love so see one day

Quest 2 doesn’t even need gloves. It’s able to track your hands and you can interact and control menus by pinching your fingers. Actually works pretty well too and I am sure something like this could be implemented to operate switches and knobs. Wish I could get better performance in VR but idk I don’t like having to turn the quality almost all the way down to get good performance.

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Yeah i saw it, but have to wear/hold the big controllers. So on the left hand you have the controller and with the right hand you control the joystick i guess. But if there is a throttle stick also, then it´s maybe annoying with a clunky controller on your hand. So i think they need to make very thin and accurate gloves :slight_smile: I use Reverb G1, the controllers sucks. i don´t like them at all, and luckely we can use the MSFS with the mouse and memorized keyboard control…:smiley: tricky sometimes, but it works ok!

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Now Asobo needs to make it work intuitive in the sim.

The price is fair enough:

It’s on Asobo to implement it cool and smart.

We don’t need the gloves to see the mousepointer in the vr world. To use / implement all 10 fingers, should be a tough work. The hardware joystick is a must. Pedals and throttle also. With 10 fingers you can control intuitive the knobs, switches and the glascockpit. Eventually you can scratch your head also in vr if your lost on the taxiways in Atlanta KATL :joy:

@udidwht nice video! I never thought of doing a wheelie with the TBM :rofl:

I’m wondering about Leap Motion and FS2020 as well.

Quest 2 + Leap Motion (no glove/s required) = Done. Go fly.

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i dont understand why the headset shouldnt be able to track your hands in VR, since they already have cameras for head tracking.