We need POLLs on this forum!

A lot of these new posts are like “I have this question, do you also have” and the thread is always going to be biased towards people who have problems because people who do not are not so inclined to reply.

A poll would make it much less biased (though still inherit some biasedness from forum and tendency) and would make certain arguments more evidence based instead of anecdotal


Yes, many topics are highly dependent on personal taste, like the night lights and AA.

Posts in the Wishlist category can be voted for. I think that pretty much covers the use case you mentioned? Someone makes a post about wanting something a certain way… if people agree; they vote for it.

Yes. This is why you can also give votes on the #self-service:bugs-issues channel. That way we can track how many users have that bug.
But we encourage you to still send your reports on Zendesk!

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The vote button only captures agreement but not disagreement.

A hot topic with heated debate (due to flammatory title, etc.) that constantly pop up on page 1 could draw 100 votes and a less hot topic with more civil discussion could only draw 50 votes. We cannot say the former one is impacting more than latter.

You can have 100 agreed and 5000 disagreed and 50 agreed and 10 disagreed.

I mean, look at this one

If this one gets more votes (already at 55), are we going to revert the night lighting back to Patch 4? The votes there can only go up because disagreement does not (dis)count in the vote.

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I think maybe adding DownVote perhaps? Because in that issue of the night lights, really as you mentioned is very personal things, some like it, some don’t.


In my opinion, most polls started by ordinary members on game/sim forums generally perform little useful function. They are frequently badly worded, often exclude options that others would like to see, and tend to attract comment mostly from people who agree with the initial premise. They often do next to nothing to accurately determine the opinions of the broader community.

And in any case, game development isn’t a democracy. If the developers want to ask us a specific question, they can, but otherwise, presenting options as ‘votes’ may give a false impression as to how much significance they are going to have.

Exactly, that is the point!

I saw people complaining about the TAA as well. I really don’t agree with the feedback, but I am not sure if the overall “feeling” is being accurately captured only with the like button.

IMO, an option to allow & show disagreement is still better than an option to only allow agreement.

I am really concerned that with the current voting system, we are going to go full circles on certain things. Based on the current trend, they could possibly backtrack on below items

  • night lighting
  • sensitivity settings

Agreed :sunglasses:

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I think separating vote and downvote should be more beneficial, as it tells apart non-issue from small % issues on the bug sub-forum.

But for opinionated posts, yeah it should work no problem.

Someone creates a wishlist thread ?

Agree with the premise of polls, disagree with the idea that it would be any less biased than other threads.

Could create a wishlist thread “Great night lighting after patch 5 - please leave it alone”?