We will need to wait till 2022 for multiple monitor support?

It the recent (19/11) development update Asobo informed that despite the fact they supposedly started working on proper multi display support, it won’t be available soon. They specified availability as “2021-2022” :frowning:
It’s strange as multimonitor support requires technology needed also by VR (two displays) which they seem to prioritize. Also the engine Asobo is using, is also used by sim racing car game, where triple monitor support is virtually a must.


2021 could be 6 weeks.


2021 starts in about 40 days so probably something between 42 and 407 days.

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Or 770 days for the end of 2022.
Typo in the original post corrected, they said “2021-2022”.

Lets face it, if they thought multi-monitor support would be ready in a “surprisingly short” time frame (eg 6 weeks), they would have made this clear in their update. I’m not expecting anything for 6 months.

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I’m not suggesting it’ll be here in 6 weeks. I’m just pointing out that 2021 doesn’t mean “wait a year”.

@stekusteku why do you think MSFS Engine is also used in Sim Car Racing?

" Flight Simulator was announced at E3 2019 on June 9, 2019.[35] It is the first major entry in the series since 2006’s Flight Simulator X, following a long period of uncertainty over the future of the series after the closure of Aces Game Studio in 2009. It was developed by the French Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios.[36][37] The game was released on August 18, 2020.[38] The game is powered by Turn 10 Studios Ftech X engine known from Forza.[39]"
"ASOBO confirms Microsoft Flight Simulator uses FTech graphics engine of FORZA game.

The answer came through an interview given. Asobo CEO and co-founder Martial Bossard explains that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses Azure Microsoft Cloud (as we have known for some time) and the FTech Engine, used by the Forza franchise, Microsoft’s automotive simulation saga."


Putting a date of “2021-2022” indicates the end of 2021 to the start of 2022, so a total range of say 6 months. The best estimate is therefore a year.

I would have thought far more users want this than want VR, but Asobo are full speed on VR for some reason, and other necessary mods are delayed because of it, not just the multi-monitor mod.

I do believe Asobo need to rethink their strategy, and look at what we the customers really want, not just listen to the loudest voices.


“We the customers”, ie me, REALLY want VR and ASAP.

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Doesn’t it work by using Nvidia Surround for example?

Because I have no issue with my 49" Samsung Ultrawide. The game already supports 3840x1080 resolution.

Realistically, I think we have to consider the fact that this is a multi-platform product. Usually what that ends up being is developing for the lowest common denominator. Unless the X-Box suddenly got multi-monitor support, we may end up waiting a while.

With nVidia surround you need to set all your displays in one flat row, like very panoramic display (quite bizarre with 3 displays - super duper ultra wide eg. 5900x1080). You can’t have the displays set at your left and right (or any other position which may be required if you build a cockpit) because for this you would need an option to define the projection separately for each display. Such an option is the “true” multi monitor support we ask for, available for example in the X-Plane or virtually all sim-racing games.


Ok. Because in some sim racing games such as iRacing, which is using its own game engine, in triple monitors, you can choose to use multi projections or not.

For the “very panoramic display”, the 49" Samsung display is a dual-monitor in a single screen. In the beginning, it’s strange, you get used to it.

I hope for you, the feature will be released as shortly as possible.

I, for one, and being an X-Plane simmer with a 3 monitor setup, purchased MSFS 2020 solely because “multi monitor support for cockpit builders” was noted verbally by the developer as being present in the sim. It was not of course.

I’m sure I was not alone, with many other cockpit builders and multi monitor users expecting this feature on day one. I’m at a loss as to why ASOBO would push development of this so far ahead.

I read over a million people purchased MSFS 2020 - that’s a lot of money and faith…you would think there would be enough funding to increase movement on MM Support and many other problem areas that the sim had right from day one.

Could the development team not be increased dramatically to move the sim forward to a place where these basic features are working and then go from there? I’m enjoying MSFS but mostly noticing what’s wrong more than what’s right.

ASOBO has a massive task in front of them, I applaud their efforts greatly and hope that all the necessary fixes, patches and promised features will be here sooner, rather than later.


I have triple monitors, work just fine from the get go!

If your triple monitor setup works with MFS2020 you are probably using nVidia surround. This way you are unable to define side views, allowing you to look left/right along your wings. You can only have one panoramic projection forward. We are talking here about true mutli monitor support, more you can find here - an example how to do it right using available nVidia technology, with no FPS impact vs. single projection. Also very useful for VR:


Multi-projection is not mandatory, it’s the angle between center and sides screens which is mandatory to deny the spreading effect. It’s how games such as iRacing work.

So you can use Nvidia surround and have the right ankles between screens.

If you have flat projection, like currently in the MFS2020, you have to set all your displays in one flat row, simulating one super-ultra-wide display (something like 5900x1080). If you try to set side monitor at an angle you will immediattely start notocing apparent distortion (frequently called by people inpropely “fish-eye-lens-effect” on the side displays, most noticeable at the far edges of the side displays. All is explained in the video above.
When we talk about “true” multi monitor support we would like to have the option to define the views for additional displays freely, to pleace them left, rigth, top (overhead panel), down, different resolutions and screen sizes etc.
To some extent this is available in X-Plane but with severe performance penalty, as X-Plane multi monitor implementation in fact runs a separate copy of X-Plane (on the same PC) for each display, which is not very effective.

Imagine msfs2020 having another performance penalty :fearful:

I hope their multimonitor support in the future has the same penalty as just running nvidia surround (aka just higher resolution)