Website map showing all players online

I hope microsoft can develop a online map/tracking system that can be viewed via website that shows all the current online multiplayer flights in msfs and without needing msfs installed.
This would be great for ATC and us virtual airline operators.
Seeing this is one world application I would think that this would be easy to put together.

The closest thing so far is this

But it only shows your own aircraft.

Please please please build a one world online map that can be accessed and viewed by anyone

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Yes. Please that’s a good idea,

Thhats more or less (shows only users with flightevents client) what you searching for:

I think this would go better over in the wishlist category so that it can have voting enabled? I put in a request for a moderator to look and see if they can do that for you.

It looks like a cool idea and probably popular too. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Softwares like “Simtoolkitpro” has a world live map so you can see everyone who is online. Can you implement a dedicated world live map of all players online for that server

A feature that should be considered. Flight events is working very well though

With such a popular flight simulator where new users are constantly joining, I must say I’m quite surprised there’s still no online map where you can see all players. At least I haven’t been able to find one.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but IMO, it wouldn’t be just a cool thing for us playing MSFS to see where other people are around us on a map but also a great way for MS/Asobo to visualize how popular their new flight simulator platform is.

Even more surprised this suggestion only received 15 votes so far :thinking:

Would definitely be a fun thing to have and useful when wanting to fly in busy areas. I dont expect this to be priority, but looking forward to this in the future.

It would be great to have a website-based real time map where all players playing on msfs’ default multiplayer would be shown with their departure and arrival in it, flight number etc. etc.

Not sure if i’m gonna say something silly, but I use Volanta to monitor all the flights in the world. It includes other Netwoks like IVAO, VATSIM and more. You may download the app or open it in a browser if you prefer.
Hope this helps and I apologise if I misunderstood and this is not the right topic for here.

I play with live weather and live online and quite enjoy occasionally bumping into real people (not literally) whilst flying but honestly, I am not sure i want to advertise to the world that I am online and in VR or letting anyone who wants to know, exactly what i am doing and when I am doing it.

A loss of privacy is what it says to me.

Online map showing multiplayer players by regions (servers) or at least give access to this data in simconnect for display in third-party applications such as Little NavMap

This would definitely be nice to have.