Weird approach shapes

Recently I started flying low altitude IFR’s and learning to take full advantage of auto pilots.
I use the ingame flight planner to create my routes.

When I try to select an approach (I usually try to go for an ILS approach), The approach looks somewhat messed up and wrong.

Like this approach in El Prat (Barcelona). No matter which approach I select, there seems to be a weird box shape in the route.

I’ve seen weird routes like this in Paris and London as well.

Is this normal/realistic or a limitation in the game? If so, what do I do to avoid this issue?

This is actually correct.

You are flying the BISBA1Z STAR to CLE followed by the CLE1L RNAV transition to the CAT II/III ILS Y approach to runway 24L. The box shape is the CLE1L transition.

as stated in the post above, this is correct.
Id recommend you get yourself a Navigraph charts subscription to understand IFR approaches and its STARs/Transitions better. It is really worth it :slight_smile:

@WaiseBesen9926 @HXArdito Thanks for your respone!

I’ve seen all kinds of shaped in different airports and I always thought is was unlogical.
Thanks for pointing this out!

And interesting… Perhaps I will.

Welcome to flying in Europe! If you’ve planned the flight correctly, the AP will handle that for you.