Weird Artifacts in VR

Hello everyone,

Am I the only one to get weird artifacts in VR ? It may be related to some objects on the ground which creates some kind of ‘moutains’ here and there. Wherever I go, I see that kind of issues in VR. I guess one of the latest updates created this as I never witnessed anything similar until now.

Capture d’écran (180)_LI Capture d’écran (181)_LI Capture d’écran (182)_LI

To reproduce, I just went for a flight from LFMU to LFMT, in VR, and I got many of those artifacts on the way.

You’re not alone there is lots of people including me seeing the same thing. Hopefully a fix is in the works.

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Good to know then. :sweat_smile: Thanks buddy.

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