Weird Giant Blue and White Box at MYNN Runway 14

I reported this to Zendesk but realize they can’t fix every bug at every airport. I made several flights to MYNN from Florida and this hasn’t happened before but there’s a giant blue and white checkered box next to the windsock at the end of Runway 14. Does anyone with SDK experience know how I can find it and remove it if Zendesk can’t/doesn’t?

Have you seen any other posts aboit this i found the same cube same airport same runway after i disconnected from vpilot, thought it had to do with that. I respawned cold on a ramp and the cube showed up about 3 minutes in shortly after takeoff while investigating the fields socks. I thought it completely replaced the sock and assumed a bug in the wind data. After seeing your post idk what it could be anymore. Can still only reproduce at mynn.

I wish I remember which one it was - but it turned out that there was a third party add-on that was putting the box there. I think one of those 'scenery enhancements perhaps for that same airport - when I removed it the big cube disappeared.

Strange i have no airport addons but a few scenery in us and uk ill see if that does it

Aliens. :alien::alien::alien:

Can confirm I have the box too, have no idea, which 3rd party add on it could be, but I didnt have the cube when i installed:
North Palm Beach County Florida, General Aviation F45
Since then I have installed multiple add ons, but the closest ones that are new are:
MYZ1 Hog Cay, Exuma
MDST Cibao International Airport
Other than that it`s still a puzzle, I will investigate further.

Just about to post the topic

this things suddenly popped in lol
MYNN rwy 14


What did you DO?

Mini Borg cube with a custom livery?

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A pixel fell from the Matrix.

Haha! Are you doing the sample scenery tutorial in the SDK?

You should contact zendesk to make them aware of it. Add the picture and informations like the airport name (ICAO), time of the day, runway…

Anyone know how to get rid of this super massive cube in the middle of MYNN or how it got here?

Is this a default airport?

do you have this following scenery installed ? seems to cause this issue, maybe other colrupt are mentionned in the other thread about a big 11 panel

Try this, worked for me.