Weird graphics outlines

Does anyone know what might be causing the weird graphics outlines or masks when inside the hangar?
Please see attached picture.
As far as I know, this does not show up in the simulator’s outside view, just inside the hangar.


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It´s caused by the postprocess settings that are included in UserCfg.opt file. Only manual disabling is possible as UI does not include them.

I have disabled all except Sharpen:

		Enabled 1
		EyeAdaptation 0
		ColorGrading 0
		Sharpen 1
		Fringe 0
		LensDistortion 0
		Dirt 0
		LensFlare 0
		FilmGrain 0
		Vignette 0
		LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
		FringeMultiplier 1.000000



I’ll give that a try and report back.
Thanks, Captain.