Weird issue / Internet / MSFS 2020

I have a very annoying problem
Every time when I fly or after I close the simulator, my internet stops working
The speed is 1 Gbps.
Is it possible that the simulator ( streaming, internet, etc) can make the modem - router stop working ??
Is happening not only to PC but on the mobile phone, tablets, etc
Right now I’m alone, home, no internet traffic, no download, nothing
Before I start the simulator, the internet is working just fine, hours…
Any advices are welcome, thank you


Does anyone encounter the same issues ??


For the last few days I have had a problam when on mfsf2020 it says that I am not connected to the internet but I am. When I do disconnect I can not reconnect to internet on my computer. This is via Wi-Fi. All other device’s are ok. I have to reset my internet box then it will connect. I have now put a lan cable and so far no more probs.R

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That’s weird
I don’t know if it’s the modem / router with issues ( can’t handle the MSFS 2020 streaming? ) or the simulator itself
When it stops working, I have no more internet, wi fi or LAN
My PC is connected with LAN cable… no Wi-Fi

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All very odd. I had no problems until a few days ago. I hope you get you problam sorted. Quickly. R

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I’ll have to call my Internet provider, I guess, the modem - router has issues

Similar problem here. Internet cuts completely after the sim loads. It was working fine before and I didn’t change any settings to prompt it. This doesn’t seem like a modem problem as internet is restored after the game closes.

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Sometimes, after the game is closed, I still have no internet
Sometime, only on the mobile phone ( Samsung Galaxy note Plus ) some web sites are working, some not
I can’t understand this.
As you said, this doesn’t seem like a modem problem…

Well, if the problem is out there in my city, internet wouldn’t work at all, after I close the simulator, unplug the modem from power…
Where are you from, nordestloon ?
Please, give more details about your internet, speed, modem…
Thank you

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I’m from Canada on videotron ISP. ) Previously my computer required a restart to restore internet (i didn’t bother with the router). I assigned a static ip for my pc on the router and ran the following commands as administrator:

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log
netsh int ip reset

Not sure If any of that made a difference, but the connection now restores quickly after I exit the game.

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The issue is not your PC ( in my case, as well )
It’s either the modem, MSFS 2020 or the ISP
And I can’t find out which one …
I’ll receive a new ( same model ) modem, on Monday

I connected to my neighbors WIFI and had no problem, so it would seem either MSFS and/or the network is the problem.

I’ve got a new router / modem, but same thing

I just called again my ISP and they said, there is nothing they can do.
MSFS 2020 is the only app / software / which causes the issue, so the problem could be the flight simulator itself
I’m speechless…
Can’t really play this beautiful / amazing / gorgeous /simulator, because of the internet issue, and I have 1 Gbps
Again, any advices / opinions / are welcome
Thank you


If it were me, I’d start with some good old network troubleshooting.

But first, get a lay of the land. What is your network structure? Most people have some type of Internet hand-off from a provider, which goes to a firewall/router that is also a wireless AP. I see you added that you are wired, not wi-fi. That is a good start.

You mention the modem and a replacement. I’d look closely at the firewall/router device. Perhaps it is bad in a way that only happens under heavy load – and until MSFS2020 the load hasn’t been that high and now you see an issue?

I run a pfsense firewall instead of a consumer grade router/firewall, and I put that on a mini PC. I found that mini PC is not ideal because it has a realtek LAN chipset that has some problems which I found only from time to time. The network interface would just stop working and I’d have to reboot the firewall.

Then I looked into it and found there was an updated driver for BSD, and I built that and installed it and it resolved the issue. While I was troubleshooting that issue, by running network stress tests I was able to trigger the issue.

Perhaps your firewall/router has a similar issue? Maybe there is a firmware update? Or maybe the device is supported by dd-wrt or openwrt and runs a better drier under those firmwares?

That thought aside, I’d wonder exactly what happens after msfs2020 is ran and the Internet is inop. Can you ping IP addresses, like HOw about by names, like

Can you ping the router/firewall interface? The address is usually or

I’d be curious to know because if you can ping the router/firewall but not ping external IP’s (like then that would indicate NAT is not working.

Can you get a console on your router/firewall? Or does its web UI provide you the ability to ping address(es)? If so, from the router/firewall if you can ping then you know the intern is working, but if you can’t ping then it must be the LAN port or the NAT functionality just isn’t working.

How about other devices on the network? Are they affected as well? Because if so, then that points the issue away from being your PC and being that router/firewall.

I’m not at home right now
When the issue occurs, everything is affected
No more internet on my mobile phones, tablets, the second PC, Netflix on the TV, etc
Sometime I need to reset the router 3-4 times
Just unplug-plugin the power cable…
I guess, there is a software / setting / on the Modem - Router
Here are the specs for the router

I dont see anything in the manual for that device that stands out. Do you have access to its web user interface? The fritz support site mentions it may be locked by the provider and you have to request it be unlocked.

I’d make sure it is on the latest firmware as a starting point.

I called the ISP, they said it’s the latest firmware
It’s not locked by the provider, or else internet wouldn’t work at all
There must be something, I can’t explain
Maybe the router firewall, some FritzBox settings, I just can’t understand that
As soon as the issue occurs, everything is affected
Mobile phones, tablets, etc
Not only my PC

Ok, strange but only one,

I have Wifi and can fly sim and also during this time browse web, no problem. What I remember (hope correctly) some topics here points to ETH port of PC is disabled during MSFS work (I think if users have Wifi, I didn’t test that still), try find that topics for sure. On other side check Network with standard diagnostic. Simply this situations what users described is strange, also that isn’t your case but as some interesting read what can maybe help you go further.

I’d still be interested to see the answers to the questions the next time it is out. Internet “not working” is kind of vague. There are many things that can result in Internet “not working”. Could be DNS issue and devices on your net are not able to contact a DNS server and hence won’t resolve names to IPs and browser window will say “could not reach site…” and it might say something to the effect of “{address name} not found”.

Hence why I am saying to ping because if that works then it is just a DNS issue. Or, if you can’t ping then it is actual connectivity or NAT not happening.

In any event, I think it is fair to say your network is definitely “On the Fritz!”

I bet they regret coming up with that name for their product line.

The most Carrier DNS are a real mess. As you said, or Cloudflare (.2 prevent also tracker) but the best setup is to drive your own DNS with bind or unbound in conjuction with a pi-hole on a rasp. WiFi is also a mess. I noticed that years ago on big downloads. Just hanging and nothing was working until I restart the WiFi Interface. I have since years a cabled ethernet connection to my fritzbox. No issues, just perfect and always the full bandwith.