Weird issue with Volcity in internal/cockpit view where I’m stuck behind the cockpit

Is anyone else experiencing this?

With the Volcity, it won’t let me actually be in the cockpit. It’s like I’m stuck in the structure of the aircraft (kinda hovering in mid air) looking at the back of the seat I should be sat in.

External view is fine, it’s just the internal view is wrong….and It’s just with the Volcity aircraft.

Oculus Quest 2
RTX 3070
i7 10700k

Same here, rift S

Glad it’s not just me. Hope it gets fixed

Compared to the other issues introduced by SU7 this is very small for me. I assigned already time ago buttons to adjust the position in VR, I can slew view point up, down, left and right, forward and aft. It takes few seconds. Yes, I know, it is only a walkaround, however it is what we have until Asobo fixes it.

a middle mouse click fixed the view behind the seat for me.


#Microsoft Version

Seit dem SU7 Update sieht mein VoloCity Copter echt schlecht aus. Es fehlen voll die Texturen. Wenn ich mit diesem Gerät fliegen will, dann lande ich mit der Perspektive immer in der zweiten Reihe. Und dort fehlen mir die ganzen Texturen. Ich kann dann auch nicht auf dem Pilotensitz Platz nehmen. Wenn ich auf Kamera Standard Position gehe, dann lande ich wieder in der zweiten Reihe hinter dem Pilotensitz. Und noch viel schlimmer ,der Copter hat dort keine Texturen… Hat noch wer dieses Problem?


#Microsoft Version

Since the SU7 update my VoloCity Copter looks really bad. The textures are completely missing. If I want to fly with this device, then I always end up in the second row with the perspective. And that’s where I miss all the textures. I won’t be able to sit in the pilot’s seat. If I go to camera standard position, then I land again in the second row behind the pilot’s seat. And even worse, the copter has no textures there… Does anyone else have this problem?

Yes. I tried it in VR only so far. Always in the Battery compartment. It is also very hard to control to gain forward momentum. I hope the real thing isn’t this bad.

same here … how do we get this on a bug list?

Yes it does !!!