Welcome to Raglan!

Released publicly today, another great freeware scenery from NZA Simulations:
[Released] NZRA - Raglan, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

Raglan is a small sea side community on New Zealand’s North Island’s West Coast, with a black sand beach that is popular with surfers and holidaymakers. The 646m long grass runway right next to the campsite makes it busy in the summer time with visiting light aircraft, with a few interesting items to note from the official AIP aerodrome chart:


This looks neat . Thanks for posting.

p.s. Love the van.

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I just joined your site and downloaded this remarkable scenery. The numerous thoughtful details are staggering and beautifully implemented with excellent performance optimization. While I realize I may be missing the full effect as I don’t use the recommended Orbx Mesh, I find the scenery works more than well enough with the default mesh. This scenery would be a great buy at any reasonable price, let alone…free! Thank you for sharing this with the community. One thing…I had previously thought that to taxi a seaplane in and out of the water would produce a crash. In you scenery trailer I was surprised to see an amphibian bird climbing out of the water and up the ramp. This is the first thing I attempted and to my amazement, taxiing in and out of the water worked! Without divulging any trade secrets, how did you pull this off? Love that feature and I wish it could be used more often.

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