Well Done MS

I first played with MSFS1 around the mid 1980s, called “Sub-Logic” back then. It was okay, but nothing to hold my interest too tightly. I somehow missed MSFS2 and began with a copy of MSFS3 in 92. I logged who knows how many hours in all of the versions after that, up to a few years ago when MSFX bit the dust. In fact, I more or less stopped simming until I decided to try X Plane. I got back into the electronic skies and found it to be a really great sim. It needed a lot of 3rd party add-ons and the aircraft were hit-n-miss. But, having real time in light aircraft, the feel was good and it met my desires.

When I saw FS2020 was coming out, I started stalking the videos and hype. I have to admit, I expected a lot of over-promotion and the need for a really beefy computer, which is required for even the most average X Plane application. You know how it goes; over promise and under deliver. But, I figured I would give FS2020 a try, since it looked reasonable and a good system could manage it.

I never expected what I found in this sim. I know the word “awesome” is well overused, but FS2020 truly fits that description well. Granted, there aren’t a lot of aircraft, and no free ones, here, but I’m good flying GA for the time being. It’s what I’m used to anyway. In fact, I haven’t even opened X Plane since midnight, August 17th. The realism is outstanding, and even the feel of the aircraft are true to life.

You guys hit it out of the park MS, and you won me back. Now, don’t do anything stupid and dry this version up like the last one. It would absolutely be a shame to see it fade away…!


Couldn’t agree more. Truly amazing technology achievement, and its just super fun to play.

Yes , this is amazing. Am having so much fun flying around in my Skyhawk. Looks and feels great!! Can’t wait for this coming year!!!

I completely agree and love to see someone posting this.
There are so many negative posts, that do not give that amazing game any chance.

Upon installing I also hat that stuck-bug and needed to work around it.
Then I fiddled around with my settings to get a good balance between noise (PC cooling) and quality.
And when you switch on a controller while playing, the game might crash.
There are tons of small things that need fixing, but I expect that to be done within the next month… so what :slight_smile:

But now I am really happy with all the freedom the simulator offers.#

great job, Asobo / Microsoft :+1:

It’s like any new application, it will take time to work out the little things. I can’t wait until this time next year when all of the 3rd party aircraft are out on the sim boards. Remember folks, it only gets better from here…!