Well that is me grounded

Sorry, no one’s fault and only I can solve this, I just need to get this off my chest. - Wife is not interested!!!

I am disappointed that in order to fly, I now need to save up for, and (eventually) go buy a new hard drive just so I can fit a mandatory update onto my PC. (which will then have to be a long 2-day download and install of the whole thing again no doubt.), and then spend forever setting it all back to how I like it again. so that I can fly, with the new yoke, and throttles that I saved up for a purchased a few weeks ago.

The Flight sim gods are CRUEL!

mandatory update my left butt cheek. what is so important is that it is a 20gb download!!
I wouldn’t mind, but I probably won’t need most of the stuff that it is in it! sigh.

if you do, get a minimum 1TB, if not 2!!
best of luck with it…it will be worth it though.

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Sorry to hear that! Maybe you can grab yourself a 1TB SSD on sale somewhere.

Also, check your recycle bin. If you haven’t emptied it in a while, there could be whole gigabytes of stuff in there. Maybe that could help you fit it onto your drive.

500 gb is plenty if your budget minded and not going crazy with addons.

Good tip on the recycle bin!
Most folks don’t know that it still takes up drive space until the bin is emptied.

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No worries, the settings are automatically restored.

If you do a disk cleanup and select the system files option you can save at least 20GB by deleting all the useless backup copies of every windows update since the Great Depression.


That’s not 20 ADDITIONAL gigabytes… it’s a 20GB download, which will be replacing a large part of your current installation files.

This is another good tip. OP, please give these tips a try and let us know if it helped!

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Unfortunately you do need the entire space to download a given content manager package. Once it replaces the existing package the net increase in space may be small but during the update process you have to store both the old and new package.

I had this issue due to a small drive One tip that helped me is to only select a few or even one package at a time and update. You might even uninstall some optional packages to do the mandatory updates and then reinstall as many optional ones that will fit in the remaining space.

I’m installing a new 1TB drive tomorrow!

Hi - couple of other things to try (assuming you’re using Windows 10) - boot to safe mode and then delete the contents of these two folders (you may need to turn on “view hidden items”): C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp and C:\Windows\Temp - doing this cleared vast amounts of rubbish for me - I now do it every couple of months. Best of luck, Matt.

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Thanks to all. - My 3 500’s are full, so will need at least a one to two. and I have no space for anything else so need an overhaul. - my issue, but I never

But will give it a bash not the less.

says here need 40.29Gib - it’s cool i will figure it out. - Just pleased i could get it off my chest, and feel sympathy!! :slight_smile:

Also disappointed that this was moved from installs given that I cannot install because of the policy of not allowing me to play unless I update. but not bothered really. - and your decision, so respect that.

970mb from Disk Clean up. :disappointed_relieved:

sadly - I do not get that option. :frowning:

Sorry that we weren’t able to help you! Hope you are able to get yourself up and flying soon.

On the bright side, at least this is giving you time for some of the patch day issues to be ironed out so you don’t have to deal with it. It’s been fairly smooth for me but for some people it has reportedly been nightmarish.

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Hi lairy
What country are you in? Does your machine take M2 NVME drives or is it older?
The price is pretty low these days.

The main Hard drive that windows is loaded on is M2. - Which at the time i thought was a genius move, - but alas, i feel that i may have shot myself in the foot since.

Ho-hum, it is what it is, :slight_smile:

Thanks. safe mode, I will take a look

What size is it? What is the problem with it?

The mandatory install is the problem. - if they let me skip it, I would happily continue on my merry way.

but because I cannot, I have not got enough space on the hard drive to allow installation.
This means no more flying until I can afford to buy a hard drive.

It is my problem. my wife does not care, so wanted to share it with people who do. - That is all.

I have moved on, and am now playing Minecraft. (which sucks in comparison!)