Well, this is just really cool (flying through tunnel)

This was posted to YouTube about 1 hour ago. WOW! How do we incorporate this challenge into the SIM? https://youtu.be/UNyRRHxc0W4


I would like to recreate this flight in MFS 2020. Let’s make it possible :smiley:
Dario Costa sets Guinness World Record in Tunnel Pass (redbull.com)


I can’t even… Wow!
Must have been quite the rush to get out the other side without even a flurry of sparks :slight_smile:
I’m imagining that would be a super cool VR experience!

With challenges like this, some new slogans for MSFS

“MSFS - Finally, a place where you can say ‘Hold My Beer’, and not actually take yours or somebody else’s life in your hands”

“MSFS - Where Darwin is no longer a concern”

“MSFS - Finally, a way to keep the crazies off the streets… phew”


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