Well turning off all overclocks fixed my CTD's

After doing everything but turning off my overclocks I still had CTDs. When I turned off both my GPU and CPU overclocks the game has been flawless. I’m amazed it still runs very nicely in high graphics settings at 1440p with a i5-9700k, 32GB RAM and a 2060.

But I had no issues with my overclocks when the game first came out but this latest patch have huge issues? Any reason why do you think? It’s a shame. Save our overclocks Asobo!




Yep - been saying that for ages. Any attempt for me to overclock either the CPU or the GPU delivers constant CTD. Heat is fine on both the entire time, works fine with all other games.

When I bought my i7-5820k 4 years ago, it was a cpu meant to be overclocked but I never bothered to do so. May be that’s why I never have CTD either in MSFS or elsewhere. Sometimes it’s good to relax, enjoy what you got and let nature do its things and you will see things will feel much more stable.

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Yesterday I updated to windows10 2H20 version, when first I run MSFS not more than 15mins, I got CTD. First i think is the new windows update version issue. After about 8 hours work around, I found the root cause which new update of windows change my power plan to become balance mode and this is a reason cause my crash. After today changed back to AMD Ryzen high performance power mode, everything is back to normal. This not only lead to my MSFS crash, is also crashed my son Assassin creed too. For those who have CTD, you might want to check your windows power plan. Just a sharing…

Anyway, with a good, well-balanced setup, there is no need to overclock for MSFS.
The gain will be minimal and to gain 5 FPS in total, it’s not worth it as long as you have at least 30 FPS stable.
The difference will not be visible …


Nope no overheating. Played Star Wars squadrons with no issues.

It worked for me also. I have just performed a major update ,Asus Maximus XII Apex. Core I9 10850k. Liquid cooling and 32 gigs of ddr4. When I first built the system we were having an issue with our mail carrier and my ram was going to be two weeks late. So I bought 32 gigs of 3200 ddr4 that I had clocked up a bit. Constant CDT’s Completely unplayable. So I finally got my new memory that is 32 gigs ddr4 4000. Installed and ran at stock memory timings and now I have to turn off the simulator. It runs perfectly. Oh also on the new build is an RTX2080.

Well i have had no CTD’s at all ( except in one point obove germany so something like a mem leak i supose )

I do the opposite … i UNDERVOLT my gaming laptop … and that improves performance … cooler and less fan noice … super stable :+1:

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Overclocking stability can be weird sometimes. I had an I7 3770K overclocked for more than 2 years to 4,5GHz and all was fine, stressing the machine with utilities during hours, temps under 75 degrees on 100% load, all my games and apps perfectly stables (I’m a computer engineer, part of my job). And then came Automobilista 2. When playing it in VR I had tons of CTD (on monitor it was fine). I lowered my overclock to 4,4GHz and all was fixed. MSFS was also fine at 4,4GHz.

Now I have my new I7 10700K and no OC at all for now (useless), just changing Windows power plan when gaming.

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This is what I said above, there is no need to overclock for MSFS to work better, the gain is too low compared to the extra power consumption, the risk of overheating with a bad cooling.
The result is invisible to the naked eye.

Really? I’ve got my CPU overclocked and even when I tried an unstable OC MSFS was fine

I previously had a good 4 core Kaby lake I5 k which was overclocked by myself to 4.6ghz

MSFS 2020 had issues with stutter and lag. Made landings very frustrating with stutter and lag even with graphic settings turned down

When I reduced the overclock to 4.3 ghz there was some improvement . It was starting to get more bearable. In the end I had enough and built a new pc

I7 k 8 core system 32gb ram etc it runs much much better stutter and lag is now hardly there it runs smoothly . I have no intention of over Clocking the cpu as I don’t want to upset MSFS 2020 at least until they have done a good few more updates

Using the built in overclock on my etc 2070 super GPU helps and has no negative affect

XMP boost to the RAM memory to get 3200mhz has been applied . Whether it helps or not I can’t tell but I assume it has

Hrm so I overclocked my CPU back to 4.8 and played with a few settings. Seems stable so far. I definitely notice the game way more smoother at 4.8 than 3.7mhz. Flying around Heathrow I have over 40fps in the A320 than low 30s and looking around the cockpit it’s silky smooth. Might just need to keep a higher vcore just to keep the game happy.

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