West Edmonton Mall is flat as a pancake

The Largest Mall in North America is essentially a pancake

Someone created it on flightsim.to, give it a try?

Did someone say pancakes?


i have no objections to pancakes at all.

I mean, this isn’t a bug? They just don’t have photogrammetry for that area.

Maybe if they do a Canada World Update they’ll add it.

I mean, this is a scenery issue. And there’s a strip mall just down the road from WEM that looks like a mall. I think just the shear size of the place confused their smart computery type things

Is it near any water? Any building near any body of water gets turned into a photogrammetry pancake. My house and much of the scenery in my city is just flat because of the water. I wish they would fix this.

Closing as won’t fix at this time.