What about stutters?

I know there are lots of posts about stutters but somehow most are inconclusive.
My questions:

  1. Do we all suffer (some more, some less) from stutters?
  2. Are stutters due to hardware limitations or over-aggressive settings?
  3. Can they be avoided (fixed)? and how? By us or ASOBO?
  4. Is it a bug? and if “yes” has it been reported / prioritized?

Apologies if some answers are already mentioned but I was unable to find them, anyway it may be good to summarise them here for other members.

If you have a good internet connection you can disable the “Rolling Cache”. Without this option I get a way better performance and less stuttering.

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I have stutters and haven’t found a fix. I’ve tried all the suggestions in this forum and YouTube but no success. I’ve also tone down my settings to low and no AI traffic. I’ve even turned off rolling cache and tried with manual cache on and off.

I have a i7-10700KF and RTX 2070 super.

I suffer them in silence too.

Me too. I’m afraid all of Microsoft’s sims have suffered stuttering going way back. Something about the way scenery is loaded, intrinsic to their sim. I hear X plane doesn’t stutter

I Have stutters as well. With a very good high end system. It’s extremely annoying at turnes and be watching out of the window to the side. I wish there is a chance to get rid of it one day!


I only get stutters in very populated places like London and Paris but if I reduced settings it would go away.


With disabling fullscreen optimalization and DPI control along with SpecialK, I got rid of them almost completely.

See https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/583473-using-special-k-for-better-frame-pacinglimiting/

How can I disable fullscreen optimizations with the MS store version? I have no permissions for the exe.

I only have them if I set some of my settings a bit too high.

Which is always the problem isn’t it. People want to be able to set their graphics options but they rarely want (or know how) to set them to fit their machine. That can be harder to do than most think. Many options move processing from the GPU to the CPU if you make them too low so it is a balancing act. It took me about 4 hours to find my sweat spot but that isn’t Asobo’s fault. Could you imagine if they forced everyones settings to make it run smooth? The hate would be even more massive than it is now.

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I had them bad in the beginning, pretty much constant but after a few patches they’re practically non existent on my end. I still get them on occasion but they’re a lot milder, I seem to notice them in more highly populated areas maybe when planes are loading in, I’ll notice a few stutters and then see planes populating the map.

I just watched today’s Q&A session and nothing mentioned about stutters.
I got the impression that lots of us are suffering from stutters but I am not sure if this is a reported issue.
I think this needs more attention.

Microstutters are the worst, i had flights with 30 fps but smooth as butter, and other with same fps that felt like 15 fps, terrible.

I get them around some populated areas, just a little. But I had them a lot with my old 4 core CPU. My old cpu was always 90%+ the closer to 100% the more stutters, but my new CPU (6 core 5Ghz) is around 25-35%. That has helped a lot.

I have noticed there is a significant 1 second stutter every 60 seconds in bush trips. Seems like a dodgy timer. This does not happen with normal flights. I get stutters sometimes, but never periodic like in the bush trips (tried all of them, seems to be some default thing for bush trips).

Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t work, I have taken the ownership, however, the flightsimulator.exe is not the exe that the game uses to run (at least when I execute it, I still have the no permission thing). I think this is due to how MS store apps work, as far as I know there is nothing I can do to avoid this.

My personal experience tells me “yes” to number 2.

The rig I built in the winter of 2014 is now 6 years old. Had no stutters while flying on high end settings across the board in FS2020. Have always flown the lighter GA stuff, not heavies with tons of systems in place. Noneeless, stutter free. Now playing with settings pushed to Ultra (and have been once I found I can fly anywheres and still maintain over 20-30FPS+ which for me is fine considering the eye candy regardless of location) and experience very few if any stutters even over metro areas.

However, now that I’ve downloaded GB’s of scenery off of flightsim.to, I get slight pauses (meaning well beyond a stutter) from time to time even though RAM was upgraded to 32GB DDR4 and running at 3000mHz. It’s still not enough though for me to consider going back to High End settings. Guess I’m just lucky I suppose, especially considering our FIOS isn’t being installed until next spring so have been living with 25mbs which stinks for large downloads and I’ve got bandwidth naturally set to unlimited.

Sim claims my GPU is being is the one as the culprit for the slower FPS but indeed it’s the CPU which is the biggest problem. I’m not building again until Intel releases their 12th generation, DDR5 comes to desktops and the friggin nVidia line calms down and eventually releases their 3080ti (in which 3090 owners will be upset with, same as the last go around when the ti hit the market). So probably within the next year or two will be the sweet spot for me. Until then I’m more than happy.

For an apples to apples comparison I flew off of this same rig in FSX and I couldn’t even get close to the visuals that I have now. In order to maintain the FPS’s I’m getting now I had to have sliders about 50-75% max to the right - and that was pushing my hardware. Pushing things up towards max literally resulted in a slide show presentation.

So again, for me, I couldn’t be happier knowing things the way they
run now are only going to get better, especially when thinking of what the world looked like in FSX and what I had to keep my sliders at.

32 GB DDR4@3000mHz
ROG Maximus Extreme V