What About the Piper Archer |||?

I’m wondering if airplanes like the Piper Archer |||, Cessna 162 skycatcher, Twin Otter, Cessna 172 with floats, and the Boing 737 would be available. I could even pay for them if I have too. Specially the Archer ||| which is the airplane I use for flight training.

But not limited to the list, any aircraft that could be added would be awesome.

The Archer is a nice aircraft. Many hours in that one… :slight_smile:


I can’t believe the SIM has been out for nearly a year and still no PA28? How can the world’s second most used training aircraft not be in a Flight Sim? This should have been in the SIM from the start…

Nearly a year, or you know, 5 months and a week. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about it? :thinking:

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Can’t wait :slight_smile:

That’s the Piper Arrow, not the Archer. A “study level” Archer II or Archer III (from Just Flight) would definitely be a nice addition to the sim. Considering how common they are as a training and GA platform.


We want the Archer III TX with G1000. Maybe I can do one using this aircraft creation program and put ti out myself. What’s the hold up Justflight, you in bed with X-Plane. They have the Archer III G1000, I purchased it for X-Plane.

Get er’ Done!

Waiting for this ARCHER TX with a G1000

Me too! Hopefully sometime before this year ends!

Awesome! But we are looking for the Piper Archer III TX w/G1000 and Aspen standby suite.

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I would really love to have that plane. I’m going to be flying one for the first time next week. Archer TX G1000
My school’s entire fleet is Archer TX.
I’m transitioning from a c172.

Hope JF brings there version over sometime in the future.

Another vote for the Archer TX with the G1000

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Have to say it’s the easiest plane I’ve flown.